Ard Eoin Kickhams

Kickhams is the local Cumann Luthchleas Gael (GAA club) (Fb | tw), founded 1907, named for republican writer Charles Kickham. The mural shows football, hurling, and handball. At the bottom there are three generations of toddler hurlers, from barefoot and cloth-cap to boots and braces to baseball cap and tracksuit.


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Local Republican Activists

“This mural is dedicated to the memory of those local republican activists who devoted their lives to the cause of Irish freedom. Ar son na cise [sic]. Oglaigh [sic] na hÉireann. Unveiled by Sinn Féin councillors Martin Meehan and Margaret McClenaghan.”

“A, D, F foireannacha, cathlann 3ru [sic], briogaid [sic] mBeal [sic] Feirste.

“‘Many suffer so that some day future generations may live in justice and peace’ – Vol Bobby Sands.”

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The Woodvale Defence Association merged with other ‘defence association’ to form the UDA in 1971. In the drawing above, “UDA” (which appears at the bottom anyway) has been scored out and replaced with the UDU of 1893. Disraeli Street, Belfast. Compare to UDU-WDA-UDA-UFF. With “No surrender” and “Kill all taigs”.


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Herbie McCallum

“In loving memory of Brian (Herbie) McCallum. We will remember him. The officers and members of Sweeneys ‘A’ company, 1st Belfast battalion, Ulster Volunteer Force.” Brian “Herbie” McCallum was a 29 year-old attending a contentious loyalist parade to Whiterock Orange Hall, being re-routed by the RUC, when the grenade he was carrying exploded prematurely, killing him instantly. The mural and memorial shown above is at the top of Ainsworth Avenue, close to the spot of the incident. He died in hospital three days later (CAIN | Border & Border Politics | Irish News article at Nuzhound | Independent). Ainsworth Avenue, Belfast.

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