Ballymurphy Massacre

“Ballymurphy Massacre August 1971 – We demand the truth.” 11 Catholic civilians from Ballymurphy were shot and killed by British Army paratroopers on August 9th-11th, during the initial wave of internment. Father Hugh Mullan is shown among the flats waving a baby’s babygro/onesie as he goes to the aid of a wounded man (Bobby Clarke); having turned to go after giving him the last rites, he would be shot be a Paratrooper (depicted in the bottom right corner with distinctive beret). Whiterock Road, Belfast. Painted by Risteard Ó Murchú.

Fr Hugh Mullan, Paddy McCarthy, Frank Quinn, Joseph Murphy, Noel Philips, John Lavrty, Joan Connolly, Joe Corr, Daniel Teggart, John McKerr, Eddie Doherty


Copyright © 2009 Peter Moloney

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