Nuada Reborn

M04008 2008+

M04505 2008+

Gerard ‘Mo Chara’ Kelly first painted a mural of King Nuada in 1987, a year after being released from Long Kesh. He reproduced an illustration by Jim Fitzpatrick on a gable wall in Springhill (see images from 1987 | 1988 | 1989). This post-peace version is on the side-wall of the Springfield Road Spar and was painted as statement of Kelly’s own rebirth after ceasing to work with funding agencies such as the Upper Springfield Development Trust. The third and fourth images are from 2008 and show the mural in an early state; the mural as shown above in 2009 is in fact still not complete – the bottom and left-hand side are unfinished. See these 2010 images for the full effect.

M05276 M05277 M04008 M04505

Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney
Copyright © 2009 Peter Moloney

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