Peace By Piece

In 2010, south London writers Stylo, Mear, and SoloOne – members of the Vopstars krew – were among the artists invited to Belfast for the 2010 Meeting Of Styles, to paint – for the first time – pieces that were the full height of the concrete portion of the wall. Shown above is a somewhat vandalised image of the “Peace By Piece” work by Stylo and Mear – Stylo’s sig has been painted over by local artist NOTA of the TMN krew. Along the top it reads, “The real high score – 2010 – .. visions of peace .. – .. for the pieceful helpers: Ricky, Pickle, ?Curty?, Jonny, Brandon, Dylan, G???, Demi, Lee, Shayanne, Rosy, Katy”.

The wild-style writing on Cupar Way is next to several piece of state-sponsored ‘community’ art. In addition, both types of art must contend with the tours that encourage tourists to leave a (patronising) message on the wall in black marker, thus reducing everything on the wall to disposable and temporary art. For more on the art on Cupar Way, see the Visual History page about the fate of State-Sponsored Art On Cupar Way.


Copyright © 2011 Peter Moloney

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