Francis Hughes

For the 30th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, the Dockers & Carters mural was replaced by a large mural of republican heroes on Northumberland Street, with Francis Hughes at the centre. (For more in-progress images, the completed mural, and a list of the portraits, see X00384.)

Northumberland Street, Belfast

M06900 [M06901] [M06902] [M06903] [M06904] [M06905] [M06906] [M06907] [M06908] [M06909] [M06910] [M06911] [M06912] [M06913] [M06914] [M06915] [M06916] [M06917] [M06918] [M06919] [M06920] [M06921] [M06922] [M06923]

Copyright © 2011 Peter Moloney

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