The Brave Thirteen

A small board and two murals in the Fountain, London-Derry. The board has the city of Derry crest on it surrounded by Ulster banner, Union jack, St Andrew’s Saltire, and Apprentice Boys flag; the first mural lists the names of the thirteen apprentice boys; the second is a William King Memorial flute band “founded 1973”, again with the crest of the city.

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Vita, Veritas, Victoria


Three loyalist emblems in a row in Bond’s Place, London-/Derry. first, the crest of the city of Londonderry – “Vita, Veritas, Victoria”. Second, the insignia of four loyalist groups (UFF, UDA, LPA, UDF) in the quarters of an Ulster Banner shield. (See Sans Peur Fountain, Sans Peur Percy Street.) Third, the insignia of the UDA, present in 1985 along with a King William.


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United We Stand, Divided We Fall


The Siege and Relief of Derry are portrayed in two panels painted by J[?] Thompson, and the names of the thirteen Apprentice boys who closed the gates to the city are given in the middle: Campsie, Crookshanks, Morison, Steward, Irwin, Sherrard, Harvy, Cairns, Sherrard, Cunningham, Conninghman, Hunt, Spike. To the left and right are shields of brethren around the world: England, America, Australia, Quebec, and Éire. Sandy Row, Belfast


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney