UVF emblem nailed to a lone tree along Ballyfore Road, Ballyduff.


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The Fallen Of The 36th (Ulster) Division

“The Billy Greer Somme memorial garden was opened by Jamesy “The Piper” Walker on the 14th December 2007. Dedicated to the fallen of the 36th (Ulster) Division at the battle of the Somme 1st July 1916. We will remember them.” Greer, East Antrim UVF commander, died in July 2006 (Mulvenna).

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Monkstown 1st Batt UDA

This is a new version of the Monkstown UDA 1st battalion mural on Devenish Drive. The previous showed volunteers on manoeuvres in front of Three Mile Water aqueduct in the top portion. This new mural shows graveside volunteers with assault rifles point down, mourning William Hobbs and James Boyd McClurg. The two died from a premature bomb explosion on May 10th, 1977, across the road from the mural in Seagoe Gardens; Hobbs died immediately, McClurg of his injuries a few weeks later. “All gave some, some gave all.”

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UVF South Belfast 2nd Battalion

“In proud memory of our fallen comrades from the officers and members of South Belafst 2nd Battalion [‘A’ Company Donegall Pass] ‘Glorious on the graves of heroes, kindly upon all those who have suffered for the cause. Thus will shine the dawn. They gave their tomorrow for our today.'” UVF memorial garden in Walnut Street.

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Neamhcromtha, Neamhbhriste!

“Unbowed, unbroken.” Five of the original 18 portraits are missing – see the image from 2006 (as well as the plaque just out of shot to the left.)

This is a version of the earlier Éire/Ireland mural (depicted as a female in the centre of the mural) seen in 2005.

Mountpottinger Road, Belfast.


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Understand The Past

“Understand the past – and build a better future le chéile Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter.” “The past” in this case is the Battle Of St Matthew’s (“Chath Naomh Máitiú”), one of the formative events of the Provisional IRA (“Óglaigh na hÉireann”) (WP). The “better future” is symbolised by the dove and the absence of a weapon in the arms of the central figures – compare to this Derry mural from 1985. The mural was unveiled as part of the commemorative events to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle.

Mountpottinger Street, Belfast.


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The Battle Of St Matthews

Henry McIlhone died in the Battle Of St Matthew’s, 27th June 1970 (along with McCurrie and Neill). There is also a memorial cross. James George and Bobby Jennings are recognized for their long-time contributions to the Short Strand community. The plaque was unveiled as part of the commemorative events to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battle.

“Cuireadh an leac seo in airde i ndíl chuimhne ar an daoine ó pharóiste Naomh Maitiú, a thug a gcuid ama, a saoirse agus a mbeo leis an cheantar seo agus a phobal a chosaint, go mórmhór le linn luatha tréimhse na coimhlinte seo. Ar an dóigh chéanna lean siad traidisiún a thoisigh sna 1920aí i ndiaidh críochdheighilt i gceantar macasamhail Baile Mhic Airt an fód in aghaidh leatroim, an idirdhealaithe agus in éadan bagairt an bháis orthu. Tháinig siad le chéile le sábháilteacht a muintire féin a chinntiú. Tá roinnt de na laochra siúd ar shlí na firinne anois, ach maireann a gcrógacht agus a gcríonnacht go fóill agus beidh cuimhne againn ar an héachtraí a rinne siad go deo na ndeor.”

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