UDA Quis Separabit

UDA and UFF nail-ups in Hawkin Street, Londonderry. Previously seen in 2006.


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The Battle Of The Somme 1916

Soldier from the 36th (Ulster) Division go over the top at the battle of the Somme – the original photograph is included below. In faded/running letters on the right, “At the going down of the sun/And in the morning/We will remember them.”

The UDA mural on the left of the youth club is to Sgt Lindsay Mooney.

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The Platform

One of the tourist information boards along with walls of Derry; this one describes the history of the area around the Presbyterian church and the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall, including George Farquhar and his play The Beaux’ Stratagem. The platform in question is not a viewing platform for Orange parades but a gun platform in the walls of Derry. Magazine Street Upper, Londonderry.

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Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall

These images are from the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall in Society Street, Londonderry. When not on display in the street during celebrations of the Siege, Lundy’s effigy is stored in a narrow room in the hall. Brother [Samuel] David Montgomery was a part-time members of the UDR; he was shot by the IRA in the timber yard where he worked on February 10th, 1981.

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D Company Ballysillan

The memorial in the middle is on a plinth labelled “In memory of 36th (Ulster) Division” but the names on the stone are of UVF volunteers John Bingham and Thomas Stewart. The volunteers in hoods are similarly divided: two stand behind their downward-pointing rifles, two assume crouching positions with rifles pointed.

The plaques are to (left) Davey Phillips, Patrick McEvoy, (top middle) John Bingham, (right) Thomas Stewart, Chin Taylor. The plaque in the middle is to “the officers and volunteers of of D Company 1st Battalion Ulster Volunteer Force”. Ballysillan Road, Belfast.

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