4000 Years Of Ulster Scots

Ulster-Scots was included in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement under the principle of support for “linguistic diversity”. This mural celebrating Ulster-Scots and ties between Northern Ireland and Scotland dates to 1999. “4000 years of Ulster-Scots history and heritage. Ulster & Scotland – shared language, shared literature, shared culture.” 400 years takes us back to the plantation; 4000 years suggests an even deeper connection. “Dinnae houl yer wheest, houl yer ain!” [Don’t hold your tongue, hold your own!] Templemore Street, Belfast


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You Are Now Entering Loyalist Sandy Row

“You are now entering loyalist Sandy Row, heartland of South Belfast Ulster-Freedom [sic] Fighters”. The background of the large mural at the junction of Linfield Road and Sandy Row, Belfast, is repainted blue (from its original yellow.)


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Marching & Dancing

This cross-cultural mural from inside the Cathedral Youth Club, in the Fountain, Londonderry, celebrates both the music of flute-and-drum bands and Irish dancing. The tune illustrated ‘There Is A Green Hill Far Away’ by Cecil Alexander, wife of Church Of Ireland bishop William Alexander. They lived in Strabane and the eponymous hill is said to be one outside the old walls of Derry.


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Sgt Lindsay Mooney

The Lindsay Mooney Memorial Flute Band was formed in 1973 after the St. Patrick’s day death of 19-year-old Lindsay Mooney, a UDA member killed by the premature explosion of a bomb near Lifford, County Donegal (Sutton). The band dissolved in 1993 but commemorative nights are still held (Sentinel) (and there are recent videos on youtube of a band with this name). Cathedral Youth Club, The Fountain, Londonderry.

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