Fountain Young Defenders

Neither the Fountain Young Defenders or the Young Loyalists seem to have existed as an organisation, just as an idea in the mind of an artists on the walls of Wapping Lane. “No surrender 09”, “UDA Fountain Wombles“.

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Down The Fountain

From the electricity substation below the Jackson mural to the red hand of the West Bank Loyalist Youth, past Cathedral Youth Club and the Roosevelt mural being prepared for Streets Of Yesteryear and into Wapping Lane.

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Irish Regiments

Insignia of the Royal Irish Rangers, the Inniskilling Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Rifles, the 36th (Ulster) Division, the Paras, the B Specials, the Irish Guards, and the Ulster Defence Regiment, outside the Cathedral Youth Club in the Fountain, Londonderry, perhaps as inspiration to the young people, as many of the regiments still exist. The ‘odd man out’ here is the Paras – they served in Northern Ireland but were not raised from Ireland. The Fountain, Londonderry.

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Lurgan Workhouse

“Lurgan Workhouse 1841-1929. The workhouse was opened to serve the poor of Lurgan in 1841. In the mid-1840’s, during the famine, there were 403 inmates. This mural is dedicated to all the men, women and children who lived worked and died here during very harsh times. In 1929 it became Lurgan And Portadown District Hospital. Since 1972  it has been known as Lurgan Hospital.” The mural is across the street from the hospital. Russell Drive/Tandragee Road, Lurgan.

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