Protect Serve Nationalist Ideology

PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) is reframed as “Protect [and] Serve Nationalist Ideology. (Somewhere on) Woodvale Road, Belfast. See previously: Proactively Supporting Nationalist Ideology in Londonderry.


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Whiterock Festival

Kids from Highfield enjoy (left) a water fight, fancy dress party, (middle) DJ, band, bouncy castle and (right) marching under the banner of ‘Whiterock LOL 87’ to the beat of a Whiterock Flute Band (Fb) drum.

M04512 [M04511]

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The Williamite Campaign

Scenes from the Siege Of Derry and Battle Of The Boyne in the Fountain, Londonderry: Captain Browning of the Mountjoy being shot as goods were unloaded from his ship, the beseiged lamenting over dead comrade, The battle of the Boyne, battle scene, Willian King Memorial Flute Band, Siege of Derry. The area was photographed previously in 20022006, and 2007.


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