Use Arms When Arms Are Needed





Four in a row in Springhill Park, Strabane. (1) The ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers are shown on an H, but they have all had their eyes covered in blue paint. (2) You can kill the revolutionary but not the revolution (seen previously in Innisfree Gardens and also in 1981 in Rockdale St, Belfast and in Derry in 1981.) (3) Use arms when arms are needed. (4) A “West Tyrone command” roll of honour.

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They May Kill The Revolutionary






A row of six panels from Ballycolman estate, Strabane, with individual shots of four of them: (1) We will meet force with force – Irish Republican Army (also seen in 1989); (2) You may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution – Che Guevara 1928-1967 (a completed version of what was visible in 1989); (3) Honour Ireland’s patriot dead – wear an Easter lily (also seen in 1989);  (4) James Connolly (for a solo shot, see the 1989 image); (5) Óglaigh na hÉireann (for a solo shot, see the 1989 image); (6) Stop Strip Searches (seen previously in 1989)

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Two images of a mural on the Whiterock Road, Belfast, celebrating the Easter Rising. A soldier raises the Irish Tricolour while trampling on the Union jack. On the right hand side are the Easter lily and halberds/pikes and an armalite, indicating the past and present of the 1916 revolt.  In the background is a poorly drawn GPO. The original image of the central figure can be seen in this Extramural Activity post.

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