UDA 3rd Batt

Two [East Belfast brigade] 3rd battalion hooded gunmen with raised assault rifles flank the emblem of the UFF in Banff Walk, Ballybeen.

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UVF East Belfast

“Wheresoever, howsoever or whenever we are called upon to make our exit, we shall do so as free men. – UVF East Belfast.” Three hooded gunmen frame a verse from Laurence Binyon’s For The Fallen.

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UFF 4th Battalion Castlereagh

From left to right, here are the murals and memorial garden in Kenbaan Street, Belfast, to the UFF/UDA/UYM, and LPA [Loyalist Prisoners Association]. The plaques include a few names of volunteers who died after the peace (as recently as 2002).

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These hand-drawn BRY/RIRA murals are a montage of many traditional republican symbols, such as Celtic FC, the Easter lily, Bobby Sands, an assault rifle, the Tricolour and a crude island of Ireland. Plus support for Basque separatists ETA. “CRF” = “Catholic Reaction Force”? Dove Gardens, Derry.

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