Years From Now They Will Ask You

“Years from now they will ask you where you were when your comrades were dying on hungerstrike. Shall you say you were with us or shall you say that you were conforming to the very system that drove us to our deaths[?]” INLA (sign the light-pole as well as the flags and red star in the mural) volunteer Patsy O’Hara, from Derry, joined the hunger strike on the same day as Raymond McCreesh (March 22nd) and died, 61 days later, later in the same day (May 21st, 11:29 p.m.) as him (2:11 a.m.).

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D Company Ballysillan

The memorial in the middle is on a plinth labelled “In memory of 36th (Ulster) Division” but the names on the stone are of UVF volunteers John Bingham and Thomas Stewart. The volunteers in hoods are similarly divided: two stand behind their downward-pointing rifles, two assume crouching positions with rifles pointed.

The plaques are to (left) Davey Phillips, Patrick McEvoy, (top middle) John Bingham, (right) Thomas Stewart, Chin Taylor. The plaque in the middle is to “the officers and volunteers of of D Company 1st Battalion Ulster Volunteer Force”. Ballysillan Road, Belfast.

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Conflict Or Compromise

Barbed wire divides the quadrants, with poppies providing an upper border and Ulster Banner and Union Flag below. In the top left is the A company mural from across the street. The bottom right reproduced (or at least is based on) an 1990s mural of the same name in Dover Place (lower Shankill) in Belfast. The other quadrants and centre contain images relating to the 36th (Ulster) Division and WWI. The two other images are from the low wall to the front right.

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