Free Seán Kelly

Another Seán Kelly board, this one in Beechmount Avenue, Belfast, with Continuity IRA graffiti below.


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Free Seán Kelly

“Interned 05.” Seán Kelly, one of the bombers of Frizzell’s fish shop in 1993, was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement but returned to jail in June 2005 by NI Secretary Peter Hain. He would be released a month later.

Falls Road (probably Beechview Park), Belfast.


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Life Spills On Warm Summer Streets

British Army snipers ensconced into Corry’s timber yard shot dead five people, including three teenagers, from Springhill and Westrock on the summer night of July 9th, 1972. All were unarmed. These images are from the Westrock-Whiterock memorial gardens (“gairdíní cuimhneacháin”) in Westrock Drive, Belfast.

M02273 M02274 M02275 M02276 M02277 M02278 M02279

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Basque And Irish Youth Independence And Socialism

In Basque: “Euskai eta irlandur gazteria etorkizunagatik borrokan” (“Basque and Irish youth are fighting for the future”). “Éilíonn óige na mBascach agaus na hÉireann saoirse agus sóisialachas”(“Basque and Irish youth demand freedom and socialism”).

Segi (“follow”) is a proscribed organisation in the EU on account of its ties with ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna). It maintains fraternal ties with the youth wing of Sinn Féin.

Andersonstown Road, Belfast

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