National Hunger Strike March & Rally

For the 25th anniversary of the second hunger strike, a national march and rally is called, going from Dunville Park to Casement Park. The mural shows a blanket man and lark above the watch towers of Long Kesh. Divis Street, Belfast


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Kieran ‘Header’ Nugent

Kieran Nugent was 18 when he went “on the blanket” in the H-Blocks (see The First Blanketman). He reportedly told his mother, “The only way I’ll wear a prison uniform is if they nail it to my back.” Divis Street, Belfast.


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The First Blanketman

IRA volunteer Kieran (here Ciarán) Nugent spent nine months in Long Kesh as a Special Category prisoner in 1975. When he was arrested again in 1976 and sent to the H Blocks, the status no longer existed and he could no longer wear his own clothes. He refused to wear a prison uniform and spent his first night naked. On the next day he was given a blanket and so became the first blanket man. Rockville Street, Belfast.

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St James’s Supports The Hunger Strikers

St James’s supports the hunger strikes – in Long Kesh and Armagh (vintage posters from the era are reproduced) and in Turkey. On the side-wall to the left, son Joseph McDonnell weeps at the foot of the coffin of his father, Joe. For in-progress images, see the 2001 post. Hugo Street, Belfast

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