Free Seamus Doherty

“Free, Seamus Doherty. Evidence. Planted. Statements, altered. RUC <> DPP collusion. Stop, injustice now. Now. Now. Now.” William Street, Derry. For background, see Free Seamus Doherty.


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Marching & Dancing

This cross-cultural mural from inside the Cathedral Youth Club, in the Fountain, Londonderry, celebrates both the music of flute-and-drum bands and Irish dancing. The tune illustrated ‘There Is A Green Hill Far Away’ by Cecil Alexander, wife of Church Of Ireland bishop William Alexander. They lived in Strabane and the eponymous hill is said to be one outside the old walls of Derry.


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Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

For the fiftieth anniversary of her coronation in 1953, a portrait of Elizabeth the second, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She is surrounded by the flowers of Ireland (shamrock), England (rose), Wales (daffodil), Scotland (thistle). “Shame to he who thinks bad of it” is in Anglo-Norman French. Bond’s Place, Londonderry.


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West Belfast Taxis Tours

Although visitors have been touring the murals for years, this Divis Street, Belfast, this board advertising black taxi tours is an early indicator of what is sometimes called “troubles tourism”, five years after the ratification of the Good Friday Agreement. The “mural” second from the right is in fact a poster for the 1996 film Michael Collins.


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PSNI – Patten Still Not Implemented

The commission into policing led by Conservative MP Chris Patten produced its report in September 1999 and various of its recommendations were enacted into law. (The full report or the summary of recommendations are available at CAIN.) The board above alleges that the only  change was the name – the name originally suggested was “Northern Ireland Police Service”, but “PSNI” was thought a better initialism – while both forces continue to use plastic bullets. The officer on the right has six digits on his right hand. Divis Street, Belfast.


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