Easter Lily

The Easter lily is the symbol on the 1916 Rising. The stamen is yellow, but typically painted orange so that the colours of the parts match the colours of the Tricolour. Ardoyne Road, Belfast.


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The New Lodge Six

“Time for the truth”. Two of the New Lodge Six (James Sloan, James McCann) were killed by the UDA outside a bar and four (Tony Campbell, Ambrose Hardy, Brendan Maguire, John Loughran) among the crowd that gathered by British Army snipers from their positions on top of the flats, using night-vision sights, February 3rd-4th, 1973. Donore Court, Belfast


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Stop Aggression Against Palestinian People

“Palestine Ireland Solidarity”. Ariel Sharon is described as a “Terrorist – indicted for war crimes” while Yasser Arafat is a “Peacemaker – a life devoted to conflict resolution”. A dove of peace is bleeding from Star of David bullets. On top of Disband The RUC in Cromac Street, Belfast.


Copyright © 2002 Peter Moloney