Pushing For Others

Joe Hughes was confined to a wheelchair and could not speak or properly use his hands. Nonetheless, he became a boy scout, visited Lourdes and Rome, and raised thousands of pounds for disability causes. He was awarded an MBE and a People Of The Year award. The board includes a poem by Brian Smeaton and a biography of Joe.

Beechview Park

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Nora McCabe – The Truth

A candle for each of the seventeen people killed by plastic bullets, including, in the middle, Nora McCabe. From the info plaque: “Nora McCabe was shot dead by the RUC on the 8th July 1981 at 7:45 a.m. as she left her home in Linden Street off the Falls Road in Belfast for the corner shop to buy cigarettes. It was also the morning that Joe McDonnell died on hunger strike …” For the poster her candle sits on, see Plastic Death.

Islandbawn Street, Belfast

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