My Hope Lies In The Ultimate Victory Of My People

“I have hope, indeed. All must have hope and never lose heart. My hope lies in the ultimate victory of my people [for my poor people] – Bobby Sands, March 5th, 1981.” Robert Ballagh was commissioned by Sinn Féin to produce a piece for the 20th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike and came up with the ten doves escaping an H Block (see the Visual History of “Hawks” & Doves).

Mountpottinger Road, Belfast.


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Comhionannas Don Ghaeilge

“Equality for Irish”. At the 2006 Sinn Féin Slógadh, MEP Bairbe De Brún called for an Irish Language Act (Sinn Féin press release). The protesters in the mural carry placards reading “Is Gael mise – teastaionn Gaeilge uaim [I am Irish, I need Irish]”, “Naire orainn a Chomairle [Shame on you, [Belfast City] Council]”, “Cearta teanga – cearta daonna [not “daonne”]” – “language rights, human rights”. “We demand respect for our culture.”

The same trio of Pádriag Mac Piarais, Winifred Carney, and Roibéard Ó Seachnasaigh appears in Cláraigh Le Sinn Féin. Sands’s famous saying (“the laughter of our children …”) is translated into Irish: Is é gáire ár gcuid páistí a bheas mar dhioltas again.

Shiels Street, Belfast.

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Cláraigh Le Sinn Féin

These two “Join Sinn Féin” boards are above the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road, Belfast. “Don’t wish for a united Ireland, work for it.”The second, with portraits of Pearse, Carney, and Sands, is an example of the Irish-language rights campaign which becomes a central policy around this time: Is í athgabháil na Gaeilge athgabháil na hÉireann [the rehabilitation of Irish is the rehabilitation of Ireland]. (See previously Cearta Teanga, Cearta Daonna.)


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Ardoyne, The Bone And Ligoniel

“This mural is dedicated to the memory of those local republican activists [34 portraits of volunteers from “A, D, F foireannacha, cathlann 3rú, Briogaid mBeal Feirste”] who devoted their lives to the cause of Irish freedom. Ar son na c[ú]ise. Oglaigh na hÉireann. Unveiled by Sinn Féin councillors Martin Meehan and Margaret McClenaghan.”

“Many suffer so that some day future generations may live in justice and peace – Bobby Sands MP.”

The plaque on the stone is “Dedicated to those friends and neighbours from Ardoyne, the Bone and Ligoniel whose contribution and support to our struggle was and remains invaluable. Aithníonn muid a gcrógacht. Oglaigh na hÉireann. Meán Fómhair 2003.”  Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast.

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Live Free

Joe Cahill joined the Fianna in 1937 and was involved in the republican movement from then until his death in 2004, including being in Tom Williams’s company in 1942 and later a founder member and Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA. He is honoured in the mural above alongside his brothers Tom and Frank Cahill. “Never will they label our struggle as criminal – Bobby Sands.”


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Remember The Hunger Strikers

Here are six images of the hunger strikers mural in Mountpottinger Road, Belfast. The ten portraits are on cut wooden boards while the rest is painted. On the far right (image 5) is a “spirit of freedom” lark and the names of the ten deceased 1981 strikers. In the centre (image 3) is blanket man Hugh Rooney.

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