Seamus Bradley

“In proud and loving memory of Vol. Seamus Bradley, killed on active service 31st July 1972. Beirigi bua.” For (a little) more, see Hegarty And Bradley.

Central Drive, Derry


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Those From The Markets

Celtic cross and plaques “In memory of all those from the Markets and Lower Ormeau who died as a result of the conflict” (with Terence MacSwiney quote) and “In memory of all those who dedicated their lives to the struggle for Irish freedom”, in particular IRA 3rd battalion Belfast Brigade volunteers Nolan, Downey, Davison, and Fian J. Templetom. With flags for the 20th anniversary of the hunger strike.

Stanfield Place, Belfast.

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Ten Hunger Strikers

The lower part of the long wall in Bishop Street, Derry, in 1988. From left to right: a funeral volley fired over a scroll (blank in the first shot, filled-in in the fifth; Cú Chulainn dying; portraits of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers; Bobby Sands’s “spirit of freedom” quote (shown in the final image) which concludes “I remain what I am – a political prisoner of war”; a celtic cross; “Free All POWs” (similar image to Racecourse Road); and a lark in barbed wire over a Tricolour.

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