Ten Hunger Strikers

The lower part of the long wall in Bishop Street, Derry, in 1988. From left to right: a funeral volley fired over a scroll (blank in the first shot, filled-in in the fifth; Cú Chulainn dying; portraits of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers; Bobby Sands’s “spirit of freedom” quote (shown in the final image) which concludes “I remain what I am – a political prisoner of war”; a celtic cross; “Free All POWs” (similar image to Racecourse Road); and a lark in barbed wire over a Tricolour.

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12 deceased hunger strikers are named on either side of a celtic cross in tricoloured panels, with a stylised bird flying in front. Two masked volunteers stand to attention. Whiterock Road, Belfast. Bobby Sands Francis Hughes Patsy O’Hara Ray McCreesh Joe McDonnell Martin Hurson Kevin Lynch Kieran Doherty Tom McIlwee [McElwee] Michael Devine Michael Gaughan Frank Stagg


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The Republican People Of Greater Ballymurphy


A phoenix rises out of a Celtic cross wrapped in the Tricolour. “This monument was erected by the republican people of greater Ballymurphy in proud and loving memory of all those volunteers from the area who gave their lives in the fight for Irish freedom. Unveiled by Gerry Adams 12th May 1985. I ndíl cuimhne i gcónai ag na poblachtánaigh ón cheantar Barr Cluanai. Also in memory of the civilians who died at the hands of the British Army, RUC, UDR and loyalist extremists.” Glenalina Road, Belfast.


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The Cutting Edge






Five in a row in Moyola Drive, Derry: Briogáid Doire with crossed rifles and oak leaves; [a Tricolour – no separate image]; “the cutting edge” weaponry; a Sunburst; and, a celtic cross flying Starry Plough and Tricolour with the names of the deceased 1981 hunger strikers.

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Armed Struggle





Five panels in a row in Innisfree Gardens, Strabane: (1) the shield of the four provinces, (2) a phoenix with “Out of the ashes rose the provisionals” (3) Ireland unfree shall never be at peace (seen in 1989), (4) “Honour Ireland’s dead” with a Celtic cross and Easter lily, (5) “Armed struggle” and “Resistance 1916-1989” and three armed volunteers.

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