Draoichláirseoirí An Chinn Bhaile

In Táin Bó Cúailnge, the “sweet-mouth harpers of Cain Bile” are also “druids, men of great cunning and great power of augury and magic.” The come to Medb and Ailill to entertain them, carrying mistletoe by which they sing, but are mistaken as Ulster spies; the harpers turn themselves into deer to escape their pursuers, near the Lia Mór (Great Stone) (Death Of Lethan). Springhill Avenue, Belfast.


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INLA Roll Of Honour

Six INLA volunteers are remembered on a memorial stone in the City Cemetery, Derry. The other memorial is to the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers (“They were ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances whose steadfast resolve, discipline, and unity of purpose prevailed”) and five local “comrades and friends”.

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Release All POWs Now

Both male and female prisoners of war are represented in this mural: by the male and female faces — the male above the silhouette of Long Kesh, the female behind bars (presumably of Armagh prison) – and by the (formerly astrological) symbols for male (Mars) and female (Venus). “Saoirse” (“freedom”). The mural is signed (top left): “G[erard Mo Chara] Kelly 95 [© SF??]”. Kinallen Court, Belfast.


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