Conway Linen Mill

“Conway linen mill 1842-1976.” Culture NI has a brief history of the mill. It is currently in use as an arts centre and museum.

“Artists Margaret McCann & Deborah Hamilton 06. Beechmount Community Project.”

Thames Street, Belfast. Another piece for the project was hung in Beechmount Avenue. See M04431.


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In These Ancient Lands

“… and in these ancient lands/enchased and lettered as a tomb/and scored with prints of perished hands/and chronicled with dates of doom/I trace the lives such scenes enshrine/and their experience count as mine”. (Lines from Thomas Hardy’s On An Invitation To The United States.)Éire takes the form of a woman, with two wolfhounds, between portraits of the ten deceased 1918 hunger strikers. Navan Street, Armagh.

M03195 [M03196]

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My Brother Is Not A Criminal

The brothers in question are Raymond and Brian McCreesh, from Camlough, Co Armagh. Raymond is third in the list of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers. “In memory of the volunteers who died on hunger strike in H-Blocks 1981.” “H-Block is rock that the British monster shall perish upon for we in H-Block stand upon the unconquerable rock of the Irish socialist republic – Bobby Sands”. The lower stone reads “These men made the supreme sacrifice for their country by dying on hunger strike from 1917 to 1976: 1917 Thomas Ashe; 1920 Michael Fitzgerald, Joseph Murphy, Terence McSwiney; 1923 Joseph Whitty, Denis Barry, Andy Sullivan; 1940 Tony Darcy Sean McNeela; 1946 Sean McCaughey; 1974 Michael Gaughan; 1976 Frank Stagg. “It is not those who can inflict the most but those that can suffer the most who will conquer” – Terence McSwiney.”

New Road, Silverbridge.

M03147 [M03148] M03149 M03150

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Keep On Marching

“Keep on marching, don’t give up – Raymond McCreesh 1957-81. Died after 61 days hunger-strike, H-Block Long Kesh 1981.” The phrase was spoken at the end of a visit with Jim Gibney. “Beidh bua againn go fóill” [victory will be ours yet]. The mural is on the Quarter Road gable of “Raymond McCreesh House (his birthplace), at Maryville Camlough.

[M03145] M03146

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Óglach Réamann Mac Raois

“Déanann Poblachtánaigh An Iúir cuimhne ar an óglach Réamann Mac Raois.” [Newry republicans remember volunteer Raymond McCreesh]

IRA volunteer Raymond McCreesh – born in Camlough – was arrested in the aftermath of an attack on a British Army observation post in 1976. He joined the blanket protest and then the hunger strike; he died after 61 days on May 21st, 1981.

M03139 [M03138]

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St James’s Support The Hunger Strikers

Here is a wide shot and some details of the two-part mural in Hugo Street, seen in progress in 2001 and completed in 2002. On the left is a depiction of the funeral of Joe McDonnell; on the right, posters and protesters from the time of the hunger strikes.

[M03109] [M03110] M03111 M03112 M03113 M03114

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Sean McCaughey

“I ndíl gcuimhne oglach [sic] Sean McCaughey, Gaelgoir [sic] agus muinteior [sic] [Irish-speaker and teacher]. Fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.” “Formerly of Duneden Park, Ardoyne. Died on hunger and thirst strike after 23 days in Portlaoise gaol on May 11th 1946.” “For those who believe no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t believe no explanation is possible.” McCaughey was convicted of kidnapping and torturing IRA chief of staff Sean Hayes, who was suspected of treason. His hunger and thirst strike was preceded by five years on the blanket. “NBCS” = North Belfast Cultural Society. Brompton Park, Belfast.


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Remember The Hunger Strike

For the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, images from the period are reproduced in a mural sponsored by the “Ardoyne, Bone, Ligoniel 80/81 Commemoration Committee”: the funeral volley over Bobby Sands’s coffin, Derry women protesting conditions in Long Kesh by wearing blankets, women banging bin lids (see United Irishwomen) and protestors outside a polling station.

The frame is from the previous Ériu mural.

M03101 [M03102]

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Cumann Na Fuiseoige

Established in 2004, Cumann Na Fuiseoige (The Lark) is “ag soláthar spórt Ghaelaigh don phobal sa cheantar Coilin” [providing Gaelic games to the people in the Colin area]. The club is named after the image of the lark (and barbed wire) used by Bobby Sands in his 1979 article The Lark And The Freedom Fighter. The choice of emblem proved controversial – Slugger.

Previously: a fundraiser for the club.

Jasmine Corner, Belfast


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Dedicated To All The Unsung Heroes

The scale of the Ballymurphy memorial garden can be seen in the final image. The central panels (images 1 and 2) are to IRA volunteers. Jimmy Steele was OC of the IRA’s Belfast battalion and founding editor of Republican News. “The seed which on Cave Hill was sown/O’er Belfast town its fruit has grown/And they who served, suffered and died/Their blood, our cause has sanctified//Be proud of them our martyred dead/And in their footsteps let us tread/They died for us that we might see/Ireland, united, Gaelic, and free.” To the left and right are lists of civilian dead and on the far right is a brief list of activists who survived the Troubles but have died since.

For the mural, see this 2005 image.

M02979 [M02981] [M02982] M02983 [M02984] [M02985] M02980 M02986 M02987 M02978 M02988

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