Bloody Sunday

This Bloody Sunday info board in Rossville Street, Derry, is directed at an international audience, being “dedicated to all those throughout the world who have struggled, suffered imprisonment and lost their lives in the pursuit of liberty, justice and civil rights” and focusing as much on the Widgery report (“branded a whitewash by human rights groups throughout the world”) and continued demands for justice as on the events of the day.


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Those From The Markets

Celtic cross and plaques “In memory of all those from the Markets and Lower Ormeau who died as a result of the conflict” (with Terence MacSwiney quote) and “In memory of all those who dedicated their lives to the struggle for Irish freedom”, in particular IRA 3rd battalion Belfast Brigade volunteers Nolan, Downey, Davison, and Fian J. Templetom. With flags for the 20th anniversary of the hunger strike.

Stanfield Place, Belfast.

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Vol. Kieran Doherty TD

Kieran Doherty was elected TD (Teachta Dála) for Cavan-Monaghan three weeks into his 1981 hunger strike. He held the position for two months, until he died on August 2nd. The portraits, plaques, and mural of marchers are in his home area of Andersonstown. The words “It is not those who inflict the most, but those that can endure who shall conquer in the end” is an echo of Terrance McSwiney, whose hunger strike in 1920 lasted 74 days, one more than Doherty’s.

Slemish Way, Belfast.


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The Gibraltar Three

The Gibraltar Three (Mairéad Farrell, Sean Savage, Dan McCann) – “executed by British crown forces in Gibraltar 6th March 1988” – are memorialised with a plaque and the last three verses of Bobby Sands’s Rhythm Of Time: “It is found in every light of hope/It knows no bounds nor space/It has risen in red and black and white/It is there in every race.//It lies in the hearts of heroes dead/It screams in tyrants’ eyes/It has reached the peak of mountains high/It comes searing ‘cross the skies.//It lights the dark of this prison cell/It thunders forth its might/It is the undauntable thought, my friend/That thought that says ‘I’m right!'”

Hawthorn Street, Belfast.


Copyright © 2001 Peter Moloney