Chains And Bonds Have No Part In Us

“I have no prouder boast to say, I am Irish and have been privileged to fight for the Irish people for Ireland. If I have a duty, I will perform it to the full with the unshakable belief that we are a noble race and the chains and bonds have no part in us.” – Francis Hughes. The ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers along with Frank Stagg and Michael Guaghan are featured in this Navan Street, Armagh, mural. In the centre, between the words of Francis Hughes and a “Youth Against H. Block/Armagh” protester are blanket men Hugh Rooney and Freddie Toal.

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Fuair Siad Bás Ar Son Saoirse Na hÉireann

Memorial board to four volunteers from Armagh – Jake McGerrigan (OIRA), Tony Hughes (OIRA), Peadar McElvanna (IRA), Gerard Mallon (INLA). The board is in Culdee Terrace, Armagh, where Hughes was shot by the British Army while moving arms in 1973 (Sutton). There is also a plaque to his memory and a stone commemorating both Hughes and McGerrigan who was killed two days earlier (April 7th, 1973) in nearby Windmill Avenue.

The marks over the four “i”s in the central saying “Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann”[They died for Ireland’s freedom] should not be confused with fadas, as over the “a” in “bás” and “e” in “Éireann”. There is typically less confusion because Irish, strictly speaking, does not have a tittle (a dot) on top of “i”, especially on public signs and in ‘Celtic’ typefaces.

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McGerrgian – Hughes

“Na bíodh amhras ar éinne cé bhéas ina mháistir ar an tír seo nuair a bhéas Éire saor. ‘Siad na daoine féin a bhéas i gceannas agus a rialós [=rialú?] an tír.” is a translation of a line from Padraig Pearse’s The Sovereign People: “Let no man be mistaken as to who will be lord in Ireland when Ireland is free. The people will be lord and master”. “Unveiled by Thomas McGleenan, OC Armagh Command, IRA, 7th April 1974” (close-up at CAIN).

The stone below reads: “In loving memory of all those from the greater Armagh area who gave their lives for the cause of Irish freedom. ‘While Ireland holds those graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.’ [Pearse] Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.”

“Peadar Séamus Mac Eireagain, óglach in Óglaigh Na hÉireann, fian Ard Mhacha Na Fianna Éireann, ball de Chumann Poblachtach An Phiarsaigh cathair Ard Mhacha. Maraíodh ag saighdiúirí Briotanacha ar an 7ú Aibreann 1973 in aois a hocht mblian deag.” “Peter James McGerrigan, volunteer Irish Republican Army, fian Armagh Na Fianna Éireann, member Pearse Republican Club Armagh City, shot dead by British troops 7th April 1973 aged 18 years.”

“Pobal Ard Mhacha agus comprádaithe Shéamus Mhic Eireagain agus Antoine Mhic Aoidh a thóg an leacht seo i gcuimhne na ndaoine uilig a thug a mbeatha ar son phoblacht na noibrí.” “This memorial was erected by the people of Armagh and comrades of Jim McGerrigan an Tony Hughes in memory of all who have made the supreme sacrifice in the struggle to achieve a workers republic.”

“Antoine Seán Mac Aoidh, ceathrú máistir ceannas Ard Mhacha Óglaigh Na hÉireann, ball de Chumann Poblachtach An Phiarsaigh cathair Ard Mhacha. Maraíodh ag saighdiúirí Briotanacha ar an 9ú Aibreann 1973 in aois a naoi mblian déag.” “Anthony John Hughes, quartermaster Armagh command, Irish Republican Army, member Pearse Republican Club, Armagh city, shot dead by British troops 9th April 1973 aged 19 years.”

Jake McGerrigan and Tony Hughes were both shot in the Windmill Hill area of Armagh in a 48-hour period in April 1973. There is an individual plaque to Hughes in the same location (behind Culdee Terrace) and a stone to McGerrigan in Windmill Avenue. Video of Jake McGerrigan’s funeral.

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Armagh Orange Arch

King Billy takes centre stage in the Orange arch in Armagh, flanked a variety of Orange symbols such as crossed keys, compass and set square, cross and crown, an anchor, and a coffin. “FCH” (reading from the bottom up, as the ladder would be ascended) stands for “Faith, hope, charity” – I Corinthians 13:13 is read during initiation.

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