Harryville UDA

Two at either end of the rubric houses in Larne St, Ballymena: UDA emblem, signed “Pigeon”; UYM emblem, unsigned (seen previously in 2007).

Behind them in Alfred Street Place, a UDA board is revealed. It’s not known what the board on top of the UDA/UFF mural below was.

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John “Grugg” Gregg

“South East Antrim Brigade UFF. In proud memory of Brig. John “Grugg” Gregg and all fallen comrades. 4th Batt. A B C Coys. Lest we forget.” Gregg is known for the attempted killing of Gerry Adams and for being killed on the orders of Johnny Adair, which led to the expulsion of Adair’s company from the lower Shankill.

Orkney Drive, Ballykeel 2, Ballymena

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Carlsberg Don’t Do Bonfires

“Carlsberg Don’t Do Bonfires, Ballykeel 2 does. See the big girl. Who’s the daddy.” Ballykeel estate was built in two phases, in 1962 and 1972, with distinctive types of housing that allow them to be easily distinguished (WP) and each has its own bonfire. Carlsberg lager had a popular advertising campaign on the theme of ‘Carlsberg don’t do Xs, but if we did, they would probably be the best Xs in the world.’ See previously in Belfast If Carlsberg Watched Bonfires. For the bonfire itself, see Ballykeel Bonfire.

Crebilly Road, Ballymena


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