Champions Of Ulster

This 2009 memorial garden in Owenroe Drive, Bangor caused controversy when built using Housing Executive funds as it was intended to commemorate only the dead of WWI. In addition, it contains headstones to members of the UDA (on which Cuchulainn is invoked as a “defender of Ulster”), RHC, and UVF (BelTel).

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Bangor Young Newton

Young Newton is the Newtownards Road division of the Ulster Young Militants (UYM) and formerly a Tartan Gang. This mural, however, is in Kilcooley estate, Bangor, indicating the close connection between the UDA in the estate and in east Belfast. (For a 2018 update, see Ulster Defence Unions.)

See previously: Young Newton Says No (1989) and Young Newton on the Newtownards Road (2005).

There was previously a wall to the right that read “Freedom Corner II” – see J0475.


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Remember Them Who Gave Their All

“It is not for glory or riches that we fight but for our people” (based on the Declaration Of Arbroath; see e.g. UDA 3rd Battalion) and “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.” are familiar but “As poppy petals gently fall/Remember them who gave their all” here makes a very infrequent appearance. It comes from The UDR Soldier, by John Potter. The mural and stone thus link together the 36th (Ulster) Division of WWI, the UDR (1970-1992), and ‘D’ Company of the North Down Red Hand Commando.

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