West Belfast Taxi Association

“West Belfast Taxi Association. Dedicated to the memory of Michael Duggan, Harry Muldoon, Patsy McAllister, Coimhin Mac Bradaigh, Thomas Hughes, Hugh Magee, Padraig Ó Cleirigh, Jim Green. Murdered in the service of their community. A Dhia dean trocaire ar an n-anama. May God have mercy on their souls.” Just inside the WBTA office at King St/Berry St/Francis St.


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UDR & RIR Memorials

“This memorial commemorates the men and women who served their country in the battalions of  the Ulster Defence Regiment 1970 – 1992: 1st (County Antrim), 1st/9th (County Antrim), 2nd (County Armagh), 2nd/11th (County Armagh), 3rd (County Down), 4th (County Fermanagh), 4th/6th (County Fermanagh and County Tyrone), 5th (County Londonderry), 6th (County Tyrone), 7th (City of Belfast), 7th/10th (City of Belfast), 8th (County Tyrone), 9th (County Antrim), 10th (City of Belfast), 11th (Craigavon)”

For information about those listed on the Royal Irish Rangers (27th (Inniskilling) 83rd and 87th) roll of honor, see militaryimages.net.

St Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, Belfast.

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Welcome To The Shankill

“Welcome to the Shankill” in ten languages, home of Norman Whiteside, Baroness May Blood, Jimmy Warnock, William Conor, Col. James Cunningham, Johnny McQuade, Wayne McCullough, and the Rev. Henry Montgomery. The attractions include Crumlin Road gaol, lower Shankill murals, Bayardo victims memorial, Carson mural, Cupar Way peace line, Shankill memorial garden, Spectrum centre, Shankill graveyard, Woodvale park. An ‘Alternatives’ stencil would later be added in the bottom right.

Gardiner Street, Belfast.

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