Murder Most Foul

2009 image of the McCurrie and Neill memorial in Pitt Park, seen first in 2005: Murder Most Foul.


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Killed In Action

The plaques read “36th Ulster Division – dedicated to all our fallen comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends. For God and Ulster.” and “From the officers and volunteers of East Belfast to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Great War.” The quadrants of the mural show (clockwise) soldiers in the trenches, soldiers manning a machine-gun, the death telegraph for William MacFadzean, and a soldier reflecting on a grave. UVF YCV “Lest we forget”

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Freedom Corner

Here is a set of 2009 images of the left half of “Freedom Corner” on Newtownards Road.

Compared to the 2005 images:
the background of the UFF mural has been repainted;
“Loyalist East Belfast” replaces the letters “UFF”;
the Red Hand Of Ulster replaces “Feriens Tego” (From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 1953: “The strangest victory in all history: Heremon [Érimón] O’Neill racing a rival chieftain for possession of Ireland became the first man to touch its soil by cutting off his own hand and hurling it ashore! His sacrifice made Heremon the first king of Ulster, 1015 B.C. The red hand of Ulster is still the provinces coat of arms thousands of years later.” Most people believe it not.) Notice that outline is of the six-county Northern Ireland rather than of the historical Ulster;
and the “Ulsters Past Defenders” mural has been completely repainted with the emblems of the UDR and B-Specials at the centre (“This is dedicated to those who served in our conflict – we forget not”, “Formed in 1970, the Ulster Defence Reg. was an infrantry [sic] regiment of the British army intended to carry out security duties in NI. It was later disbanded in 1992. A total of 197 members were killed through the troubles”, “Formed in 1920, the Ulster Special Constabulary had been set up taking action against the IRA. It was divided into three categories A, B, and C specials. Later in 1970 they were disbanded. Then the UDR replaced them.”)

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M04867 wide shot

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Young Newton Fallen Comrades

From left to right the plaques read: “In memory of R McCreery 7-10-1984, V Dougherty 17-07-2003, J Moore 28-01-2007. Gone but not forgotten.”, “Young Newton. In memory of our fallen comrades Volunteers R Warnock 13-9-72, W Warnock 16-10-72, A Petherbridge 7-2-73, K Watters 17-2-74, G Reid 26-2-74. Lest we forget. Quis separabit.”, “In memory of R Algie Snr 15-09-1989, TW Black Snr 5-10-2002. Gone but not forgotten.” With Young Newton and UFF wreaths.

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HMS Belfast

“HMS Belfast – built in Belfast to protect Britain’s future. Pro tanto quid retribuamus. [What shall we give in return for so much? – the motto of Belfast city]”. The mural shows HMS Belfast being launched on March 17, 1938. Tower Street, Belfast. After serving in WWI and Korea, the ship is now a tourist attraction in London.

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