Always British

Cluan Place is a single street in east Belfast separated from (nationalist) Short Strand by a “peace” line. The mural features an unusual combination of Union Flag and Ulster Banner. For a history of Cluan Place, see Out Of The Ashes. “5 people shot – houses burnt – houses bombed. 20 families intimidated out by Sinn Fein/IRA. Still loyalist. No surrender.”

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The Untold Story

“In August 1971 many Protestants fled their homes as the IRA launched a bitter sectarian attack on Protestant communities throughout Belfast. The loyal people of Liverpool held out the hand of friendship in our hour of need up to 2000 terrified women and children escaped from burning homes to live in the safety of Liverpool. That act of friendship by the people of Liverpool will never be forgotten. Liverpool – Belfast a bond never broken. No surrender ” With newspaper reports by the Belfast Telegraph and Liverpool Echo. Sponsored by the East Belfast Historical And Cultural Society. Canada Street, Belfast.

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East Belfast Volunteers

This mural and its accompanying plaques, at the mouth of Canada Street, commemorate WWI and celebrate the nine Victoria Crosses won by members of the 36th (Ulster) Division “For valour”: Cather, McFadzean, Bell, Quigg, Emerson, De Wind, Seaman, Knox, and Harvey; the final plaque is McCrae’s In Flanders’ Fields. The main mural features insignia of more than thirty units of types ranging from machine gunners to vets.

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Rising Sons Flute Band

“Rising Sons Flute Band (Fb) East Belfast 1985″ with the emblem of the Red Hand Commando on either side, flanking the insignia of the 36th (Ulster) Division, Ulster Volunteers, Royal Irish Rifles, UDR, and B-Specials (Ulster Special Constabulary). “Their name liveth forever more.” Seen in progress in 2005.

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