Kill All Taigs

Graffiti in the Westland Road estate, off Cavehill Road, and from Ballysillan Road: “CYL [Cavehill Young Loyalists] – kill all taigs”. For the CYL, see previously Fearless. And, second, “KAT”, “UVF” on the shutters of Fryer Chuck’s, on the Ballysillan Road.

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D Company Ballysillan

The memorial in the middle is on a plinth labelled “In memory of 36th (Ulster) Division” but the names on the stone are of UVF volunteers John Bingham and Thomas Stewart. The volunteers in hoods are similarly divided: two stand behind their downward-pointing rifles, two assume crouching positions with rifles pointed.

The plaques are to (left) Davey Phillips, Patrick McEvoy, (top middle) John Bingham, (right) Thomas Stewart, Chin Taylor. The plaque in the middle is to “the officers and volunteers of of D Company 1st Battalion Ulster Volunteer Force”. Ballysillan Road, Belfast.

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Young Guns

Sixteen year-old Glen “Spacer” Branagh was killed by a premature blast bomb during a riot on Remembrance Sunday, 2001. His portrait is on a board at the centre of UDA flags and guns (and the tiger of Tigers Bay). “Ulster Young Militants – Terrae filius.” The background was previously yellow.

“If the Provos and the pan nationalist front and the British and Irish governments keep trying to succeed in a united Ireland then they may prepare themselves for another 30 bloody years for the battle will have just begun.”

Edlingham Street, Belfast.


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Friends And Fellow-Dockers

“Remembered with pride and affection our friends and fellow-dockers who were killed at work or suffered pain and premature death from unsafe and unhealthy working conditions in the port of Belfast. ‘On a ship’s dark deck a man is dead/wives, sisters, brothers, parents, shake heads and cry/as they knew not who to blame./An injustice has arrived/pain and anguish begins.’ Memories are everlasting. Ar dheis Dé go raibh siad. Erected by the Dockers Club and SHIP [Shared Heritage Interpretive Project] on International Workers Day, April 2007.” The plaque is on an exterior wall of the Dockers Club, adjacent to the mural. Above are portraits of Jim Larkin, James Connolly, Winifred Carney, with the emblem of the IGWU/OBU [One Big Union]. Larkin founded the ITGWU in 1909. It was led by Connolly from 1914 to 1916. Carney, from Bangor, founded the Irish Textile Workers’ Union in Belfast in 1912

Pilot Street, Belfast. See also: Dockers And Carters Strike 1907.

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Out Of The Ashes Of 1798

“I ndíl chuimhne – this plaque is dedicated to all those from the greater Newington area who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in this country.” Pikemen from the 1798 uprising flank a phoenix, with portraits above of Wolfe Tone, James Connolly, Henry Joy McCracken, and Mary Ann McCracken.

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Sean McCaughey

“I ndíl gcuimhne oglach [sic] Sean McCaughey, Gaelgoir [sic] agus muinteior [sic] [Irish-speaker and teacher]. Fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.” “Formerly of Duneden Park, Ardoyne. Died on hunger and thirst strike after 23 days in Portlaoise gaol on May 11th 1946.” “For those who believe no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t believe no explanation is possible.” McCaughey was convicted of kidnapping and torturing IRA chief of staff Sean Hayes, who was suspected of treason. His hunger and thirst strike was preceded by five years on the blanket. “NBCS” = North Belfast Cultural Society. Brompton Park, Belfast.


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Remember The Hunger Strike

For the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, images from the period are reproduced in a mural sponsored by the “Ardoyne, Bone, Ligoniel 80/81 Commemoration Committee”: the funeral volley over Bobby Sands’s coffin, Derry women protesting conditions in Long Kesh by wearing blankets, women banging bin lids (see United Irishwomen) and protestors outside a polling station.

The frame is from the previous Ériu mural.

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