McGurk’s Bar

“To the memory of fifteen innocent civilians murdered by a pro-British loyalist gang in a no warning bomb attack on McGurk’s bar, Dec. 4th 1971. Philomena McGurk, Marie McGurk, James Cromie, John Colton, Thomas McLaughlin, David Milligan, James Smyth, Francis Bradley, Thomas Kane, Kathleen Irvine, Philip Garry, Edward Kane, Edward Keenan, Sarah, Keenan, Robert Spotswood.”

For the 40th anniversary, a painted shopfront and plaques to the victims of the McGurk’s Bar Bombing were added last December (2011) to the Celtic Cross and plaque already at the site. The text on the info board to the right is ad follows: “At 8.48 pm on Saturday 4th December 1971, a no-warning bomb, planted by British terrorists, exploded on the doorstep of family-run McGurk’s Bar. Fifteen innocent men, women and children perished. Those who were not crushed or slowly asphyxiated by masonry where [sic] horrifically burned to death when shattered gas mains burst into flames beneath the rubble. Nearly the same again were dragged from the debris alive. In the aftermath of the atrocity, the British and Unionist Governments, RUC police force and British military disseminated disinformation that the bomb was in-transit and that the innocent civilians were guilty by association, if not complicit in this act of terrorism. This is despite a mountain of forensic evidence and a witness who saw the bomb being planted and lit before watching the British terrorists escape into the night. From the moment the bomb exploded, and for 40 years since, the families and friends of those murdered have campaigned constitutionally and with great dignity to clear the names of their loved ones. It is a Campaign for Truth that continues to this day. Join us at”

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Frazer & McDonald

“In memory of Thomas (Tom) McDonald, murdered aged 15, 4th September 2001. Also William James (Jimmy) Frazer, murdered aged 12, 14th July 1989. Gone but not forgotten.” McDonald was pursued and knocked off his bike by a driver at whose car he had thrown a brick (Irish Times). Frazer (aged 42) was beaten, along with a friend, by three men from Bawnmore and died of his injuries five days later (Lost Lives 3046).

Mulderg Drive, Newtownabbey.

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Mol An Óige Agust Tiocfaidh Sí

“Praise youth and it will respond – the laughter of our children – the joy of our hearts.” A young Bobby Sands is shown in the front right, part of the Stella Maris soccer squad for 1967; he would later “respond” by becoming an IRA volunteer and hunger striker.

The hunger strikers plaque was previously to the left of the (previous) mural; out of picture is another plaque, to the deceased from the “greater Newington area” – see Out Of The Ashes Of 1798.

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People Of The Greater Newington Area

“In loving memory of all the innocent people and volunteers in the greater Newington area who have lost their lives in the ongoing struggle for Irish freedom. Rest in peace our dear family, friends & comrades. ‘From death springs life and from graves of great patriots springs a great nation’ – Padraig Pearse” (from the oration at the funeral of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, 1915).

Ponsonby Avenue, Belfast

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Damn Your Concessions, England

“Níl aon rud acu ina n-armlann impiriul [impiriúil] a bhrisfidh meon an Éireannaigh [Éireannach] nar mhain [mhian] leis a bheith briste – They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit [of an Irishman who does want to be broken]” “Damn your concessions, England – it’s our freedom we want.” [– Seán Mac Diarmada]

“Maghaberry concentration camp – End forced strip searches – End controlled movement.”

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We Won’t Bend The Knee

Here are three republican boards, framed: on the left, “Belfast Brigade ONH”; above right, “Until all are free we are all imprisoned – support all republican POWs – RNU (Fb)/Cogús (Fb); below right, the deceased 1981 hunger strikers. The lettering on the left reads “Join the Republican Network For Unity”, and below everything there is a Bobby Sands quote: “We all know the reason that we are being tortured – because we are political dissidents, POWs, and we won’t bend the knee or conform” (from Thoughts From The Shadows).

Duncairn Parade, Belfast

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Out Of The Ashes Of 1969

The scroll reads “Out of the ashes of 1969” arose the Provisional IRA, but the lineage is a long one and all but one of the organisations, events, and arms depicted here precede 1969: Cumann na mBan, Na Fianna Éireann, Óglaigh Na hÉireann, a Celtic shield and sword, a pike (from the 1798 Rebellion), a Thompson gun, the Tricolour; only the assault rifle is modern and perhaps also is meant to indicate the Provisionals, Belfast Brigade. “Fuair siad bás as son saoirse na hÉireann.” 

The 21 portraits are to volunteers Paddy McManus, Seamus McCusker, Francis Liggett, Brian Fox, John Kelly, Robert Allsopp, Jim O’Neill, Louis Scullion, Billy Reid, Danny O’Hagan, Michael Kane, Sean McIllvenna [sic], Rosemary Blakely [sic], Martin McDonagh, Colm Mulgrew (SF), Michael P Neill, Gerard Crossan, Dan McCann, Tony Campbell, James McCann, James Sloan.

At the time of the launch (2012-03) the portraits were not in place – see X00857. Replaces Laochra Na nGael.

For a PUL use of the phrase, see Out Of The Ashes.

New Lodge Road, Belfast

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New Lodge Six Massacre

Community Inquiry Report: There was a clear breach of Article 2 of the European Convention On Human Rights, the right to life. The jury was deeply moved by the integrity and honesty of the evidence they heard. We have been deeply shocked by the state’s total failure to investigate killings and woundings. The evidence is unequivocal regarding the innocence of the deceased and wounded. There is no evidence whatsoever that they were armed or acted in a manner that could be perceived as a threat to the security services.”

Two of the New Lodge Six (James Sloan, James McCann) were killed by the UDA outside a bar and four (Tony ‘TC’ Campbell, Ambrose Hardy, Brendan Maguire, John Loughran) were among the crowd that gathered, killed by British Army snipers from their positions on top of the flats, using night-vision sights, February 3rd-4th, 1973. Sinn Féin politician Gerry Kelly spoke at the launch (image at Extramural Activity).

For the previous version, see M02410. Donore Court, Belfast.

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O’Neill-Allsopp Memorial Flute Band

Jim O’Neill was killed in February 1976 during an IRA arson attack on a furniture warehouse on the Antrim Road near the New Lodge – Gerry Fitt’s house next door might have been the ultimate target (Belfast Child); Robert Allsopp appears to have accidentally shot himself in March 1975 (Irish Peace Process). Both were members of Na Fianna. The flute band (Fb) is named in their memory.

Below the portraits of Jim O’Neill and Robert Allsopp is written “Glaine inár cgroí, neart inár ngéaga, beart de reír [réir] ar [ár] mbriathar.” [Purity in our hearts, strength in our limbs, action consistent with our words]

Donore Court, Belfast

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