Sean McCaughey

“I ndíl gcuimhne oglach [sic] Sean McCaughey, Gaelgoir [sic] agus muinteior [sic] [Irish-speaker and teacher]. Fuair sé bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann.” “Formerly of Duneden Park, Ardoyne. Died on hunger and thirst strike after 23 days in Portlaoise gaol on May 11th 1946.” “For those who believe no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t believe no explanation is possible.” McCaughey was convicted of kidnapping and torturing IRA chief of staff Sean Hayes, who was suspected of treason. His hunger and thirst strike was preceded by five years on the blanket. “NBCS” = North Belfast Cultural Society. Brompton Park, Belfast.


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Remember The Hunger Strike

For the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike, images from the period are reproduced in a mural sponsored by the “Ardoyne, Bone, Ligoniel 80/81 Commemoration Committee”: the funeral volley over Bobby Sands’s coffin, Derry women protesting conditions in Long Kesh by wearing blankets, women banging bin lids (see United Irishwomen) and protestors outside a polling station.

The frame is from the previous Ériu mural.

M03101 [M03102]

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The crest in the top left is of the “Cavehill Young Loyalists” who wrote on their website “The Cavehill Young Loyalists was formed on June 1999 in Westland, North Belfast by a group of young Protestants not willing to tolerate any more violence from the Irish Republican Movement, so they took up arms. Innocent Catholic families should have no fear of us as we attack legitimate Republican targets, but make no mistake we are in readiness, and fearless.” ( “Westland UFF 3rd batt K coy.” Westland Road, Belfast


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UVF 3rd Battalion North Belfast

The battles that the 36th (Ulster) Division took part in are listed on either side of the silhouetted soldier: Ypres, Fricourt, Cambrai, Thiepval, Messines, Beaucourt, Somme, Albert, Flanders, St Quentin, Bailleul, Courtrai. The scroll at the top says “Tigers Bay III”. The memorial stone is to the “3rd Battalion, North Belfast”.

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Ulster Volunteer Force 1912-2005

The 36th (Ulster) Division, formed from the Ulster Volunteers, went “over the top” at the Battle of the Somme on July 1st, 1916, losing about 5,500 men. They are mourned in this Mount Vernon arch by a soldier from the period and a modern paramilitary. In the background is “Prepared for peace, ready for war“.


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