‘Yes’ To A Better Future

Tigers Bay says “‘No’ to: dealers, riots, violence, drugs, hate.” on the black-and-white left and, on the right, “‘Yes’ to a better future … sport, music, peace, education, culture, community, diversity.” With funding from Groundwork, the European Union, NorthBelfast, Urban [development? regeneration?]. Replaces Loyalist Tigers Bay.

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Those From the Ligoniel Area

The large stone in the corner is to Declan McCluskey but does not give a date or manner of death. It is perhaps the Declan McCluskey who died by suicide in 2005 (BBC-NI); his father Francie is included on the central plaque – he was killed by the UFF in 1982. “This memorial is dedicated to the memory of all those form the Ligoniel area who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in our country. Mary, queen of the Gael, pray for them” “The plaque is dedicated to the memory of Óglach Declan McCluskey, Óglaigh na hÉireann. ‘I love my God overall,’ he said, ‘And then I loved my land. Oh mother dear I was true, to God, to Ireland and to you.'” “I ndil chuimhne. This plaque is dedicated to the memory of all those from Ligoniel who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in our country. A Mhuire banrion na nGael guigh orthu. In loving memory of Terry McCafferty, Michelle Osborne, Vol. Jackie Mooney, Danny O’Neill, Jim Sullivan, Alac Greer, Mary Sloan, Rosemary Brown, Mrs Sloan, Letta Younger, William Younger, Francie McCluskey, John O’Neill, Colm McCallum, Brian McKimm, Leo Scullion, Sammy Bell, Kevin Flood, Brian Duffy, John Todd, Maurice O’Kane. May they rest in peace.”

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The Pictures

“Artist Daniela Balmaverde has worked with older members of the local community to reminisce and to appreciate those from North Belfast who have made an impact on our broader society. A multiplicity of initiatives has altered the face and conditions of life in this community with Re-Imaging making a positive contribution to a long-term process. The project was launched by the Lord Mayor on August 2009 This project was funded through the Re-Imaging Communities programme of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and delivered by Belfast City Council with the support of Lower Ormeau Road Resident’s Action Group. This project is supported by the Shared Communities Consortium.”

The figures in the mural include Buck Alec Robinson, Rinty Monaghan, Sam McAughtry, Sir James Galway, Dame Mary Peters, Norman Whiteside, and Wayne McCullough. The mural replaced is the one equating the American Confederates with the Ulster Covenant.

Alliance Parade.


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Our Fleadh

“Our community, our fleadh, our people – Ardoyne”. The Ardoyne fleadh cheoil (tw | Fb) is held each August and includes fun days for the kids in addition to concerts. The plaque on the right indicates that the mural was part of the 2009 Re-Imaging Programme. The wall (on Brompton Park) has historically had a Fleadh mural (Maireann An Spiorad | Fleadh Ériu – included as a poster under the go-kart’s left wheel) though the immediately prior mural was a 25th anniversary hunger strike mural.


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