Cuimhníonn Lár Na bhFál

Two additions to the Beechmount memorial garden (seen previously in Beechmount Óglaigh):

a cross and photograph of Óglach Sean “Seando” Moore, who died in 2010; the oration at his funeral was given by Danny Morrison (An Phoblacht)

Cuimhníonn Lár na bhFál/Mid Falls remembers – a banner with portraits of 10 volunteers and 7 Sinn Féin activists.

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State Sponsored Killings

“This mural is dedicated to the memory of those killed and maimed by rubber & plastic bullets fired by the police & British Army. Not one member of the security forces ever served a day in jail for the deaths, many of them children, despite the courts ruling on the innocence of the victims. Plastic bullets are still being used on the streets of the north of Ireland today.”

The memorial to seventeen people killed by rubber or plastic bullets since 1970 is at the centre of 13 panels of portraits, in a wall “dedicated to the families who have fought and are still fighting for truth and justice for their loved ones. It is also dedicated to all those who have died as a result of state-sponsored killings. This Project is a work in progress and is not conclusive. If you wish a loved one to be included please contact An Fhírinne … Tá an balla seo tiomnaithe do na teaghlaigh a throid agus atá ag troid go fóill, thar ceann a muintire ionúine, ar son na fírinne agus na córa. Tá sé tiomnaithe fosta dóibh siúd uilig a fuair bás de dheasca maruithe státurraithe. Obair idir lamha atá sa tionscnamh seo agus níl sé críochnaithe go fóill. Dá mba mhian leat duine de do mhuintir ionúin féin a bheith curtha san áireamh, iarrtar ort teagmháil a dhéanamh leis An Fhírinne.”

Beechmount Avenue/Ascaill Ard na bhFeá, Belfast

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Struggling For Liberty, Equality And Fraternity

“Fuair siad bás ar son na hÉireann. To the memory of all members and friends of the Official IRA who gave their lives in pursuit of the establishment of a democratic socialist republic in Ireland, in common cause with men and women of all nations struggling for liberty, equality and fraternity between all the peoples of the world.” Joe McCann beneath the Plough In The Stars is shown in the bottom left.

Springfield Road, Belfast.


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A Four-Letter Word

Two sides of the same board, in the front yard of Connolly House (Sinn Féin headquarters on the Andersonstown Road). Top, “sometimes it takes a 4-letter word to be heard … vótáil Sinn Féin” with four moments of protest – votes for women, Civil Rights, Sands’s election, Sands. Bottom, 95th anniversary Easter Rising commemoration with (1981 hunger striker) Pat Sheehan as the main speaker.

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The First Blanketman

IRA prisoner Kieran Nugent is reputed to have said – upon being imprison after the removal of Special Category status in 1976 – “I’m not a criminal – the Brits will have to nail prison clothes to my back.” The mural is a February repainting of Ciarán Nugent and for the launch it was surrounded with posters from the period. Rockville Street, Belfast.

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