Mythical Ireland

Mythical Ireland is depicted with a fairy, harper, dolmen, and warrior. See previously Draoichlairseoiri An Chinn Bhaile. Ardmonagh Gardens, Belfast.


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Gibson – Kearney – McCracken

“In loving memory of Gerard Gibson, died 11-7-1972 [aged 16 years, OIRA], Michael Kearney, died 18-2-1987 [aged 21 years, IRA], Kevin McCracken, died 14-3-1988 [aged 31 years, IRA, shot in Norglen Crescent]. A thug a mbeatha de chrógacht ar son saoirse na hÉireann [who bravely gave their lives for Irish freedom] Always remembered by the neighbours and friends of Lower Norglen Parade.”


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Andersonstown Remembers

Scenes from republican history portrayed on boards along the Andersonstown Road, for the 25th anniversary commemoration of the 1981 hunger strike: “The Great Escape” (the escape of republican prisoners from HMP Maze in 1983), “Death On The Rock” (the killing of three IRA members on Gibraltar in 1988), electoral posters for Bobby Sands MP, Kieran Doherty TD, Kevin Lynch (stood in Waterford), Joe McDonnell (stood in Sligo-Leitrim), Owen Carron MP, Martin McGuinness (1982 Assembly member, on ballot with Sinn Féin’s Cathal Crumley), Gerry Adams MP, and the negotiating table merging with the long road.

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The Conveyor Belt

Stages of the “conveyor belt” – arrest by the Army, trial before a Diplock court, strip searches in Long Kesh and Armagh, the dirty protest, supported by an RAC [Relatives Action Committee], and finally, hunger strikes – are recreated in murals and reenactments on flat-bed lorries along the Falls Road for the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike.

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They Weren’t Criminals Then

“1981 – hungerstrikers gain political status; 1998 – Good Friday Agreement signs it away; 2006 – political prisoners are again denied political status. Re-instate political status now!” “The hunger strikers died for political status”. “They weren’t criminals then! They still aren’t now!”. Boards on the railings outside the IRSP offices on the Falls Road.

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So It Will Be To The End

“I ndíl chuimhne ar eOglach Paul Fox A-Coy 2 Batt Belfast Brigade, died on active service 1-12-1975, Óglach Sean Bailey A-Coy 2 Batt Belfast Brigade, died at this location on active service 13-2-1976, Óglach Paul Marlowe A-Coy 2 Batt Belfast Brigade, died on active service 16-10-1976, Óglach Tony Campbell died of natural causes 4-8-1985. I measc laochra na hÉireann atá siad. In every generation we have renewed the struggle and so it will be to the end. When England thinks she has trampled out our blood in battle, some brave men and women rise and rally us again.”

All three 1970s deaths were by premature bomb explosion.


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