Shot Dead While Ministering To Dying Parishioners

“In memory of Father Hugh Mullan shot dad 9th August 1971 [Ballymurphy Massacre]and Father Noel Fitzpatrick shot dead 9th July 1972 [Springhill-Westrock Massacre] while ministering to dying parishioners in St John’s Parish.” The plaque is inside St Peter’s cathedral in Divis, Belfast.


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Welcome To The Shankill Road

The red hand of Ulster in three configurations: “We are proud, defiant, welcoming.” Mural by Blaze FX depicting polaroids of the blitz, the Twelfth, sports, murals. The location of the mural is designed to be seen by tourists travelling between the so-called International Wall (and Northumberland Street murals) and the Shankill.

M05710 [M05709] [M05708] [M05707] [M05706]

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Stevie ‘Top Gun’ McKeag

The mural to UDA assassin Stevie ‘Top Gun’ McKeag is again (or, still?) in progress. Compared to the 2009 version (itself incomplete) the poppies around the portrait have lost their leaves (perhaps due to a new background colour) and his dates of birth and death have been turned into a Union Flag and Ulster Banner. See also 2008 and 2007.

Hopewell Crescent, Belfast.


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