Here We Stand We Can Do No Other

The Orange Order was prevented from marching from Drumcree church (shown in the board) down the Garvaghy Road (in Portadown) by the RUC in the mid- to late-1990s, which the OO claimed impinged upon its “civil and religious liberty” (in he flag). The dispute was notable (among other reasons) for the emergence of Billy Wright (then a member of the UVF). Wright was unhappy with how the dispute was conducted and ultimately he and his unit were stood down (in 1996), and Wright went on to found the LVF.


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Brigadier Billy Wright

Memorial plaque “in memory of [LVF] Brigadeer Billy Wright (King Rat)” and LVF graffiti in Kilcoole Drive, Dungannon. Wright was killed in the Maze in December 1987 by members of the INLA (neither the INLA or LVF were on ceasefire).

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