Kevin Lynch Commemoration

Kevin Lynch, the seventh of the 1981 hunger strikers to die, is buried in Dungiven Cemetery. He is commemorated annually in the town. These images were taken on the day of the 30th anniversary commemoration.

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Murdered By Britain

The ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers are shown, each “murdered by Britain”, plus Michael Gaughan (“died on hungerstrike in Parkhurst Prison June 3rd 1974”) and Prionsias Stagg (usually Frank Stagg) (“died on hunger-strike February 12th 1976 Wakefield Prison”).

Republican Sinn Féin (web | old web | tw) board Chapel Road, Dungiven.


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First Person To Die In The Troubles

2009 was the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the Troubles and of the “first person to be killed in the Troubles – murdered by the RUC at this spot [Main Street, Dungiven] on 14th July 1969”: Francie (Pól Beag) McCloskey. McCloskey was a 67 year-old farmer standing in a shop doorway on the 12th (BelTel) or 13th (An Phoblacht) when the RUC charged nationalist rioters attacking the Orange lodge. He would die of a brain hemorrhage on the 14th. “Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.”


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