Boyne Square Arch

Here is the junction of Newington Avenue and Greenland Drive in Larne. There is typically a mural on the gable to the left of final image but after the ‘Larne UFF’ mural it was fallow for a few years.

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Oliver Cromwell

Cromwell led the New Model Army in Ireland from 1649-1650 and by 1652 the victory was complete: Catholicism was banned and all Catholic land-owners were displaced (WP). He is celebrated here with a portrait on Linn Road, Larne.


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This series of boards, painted by Caroline Jeffrey, presents life in Larne from the early 20th century. As part of the 2009 Re-Imaging Project, it replaced an Ulster Volunteers mural. It is largely non-sectarian, and begins with the derivation of the name “Tullygarley” from the Irish for “Hillock of the Grey Calf”, but includes the emblem of the 36th (Ulster) Division and the gunrunning ship Clyde Valley.
Info board:
“Tullygarley” means “Hillock of the Grey Calf” – thus the grey calf grazing with the cows. The 36th Ulster Division – In September 1914 the Ulster Division was formed from the Ulster Volunteer Force which raised thirteen battalions for the three Irish regiments in Ulster. Bleaching Green – Linen laid out in fields to bleach. The Bleaching Factory interior depicts the Bleaching process. (The building is currently derelict.) Blue Flax Flowers are the national floral emblem of Northern Ireland. Local Primary School, Inver and Larne, known locally as “the Bridge”, as it looked in the 1930’s with the Inver River running through it. The bridge that the school was named after no longer exists. Linen Factory of Glyn [Glynn] Road (no longer exists, site of abandoned garage) with inset depicting workers with weaving machines (circa 1924). The old Tullygarley playground (mural site) with the Fountain in the foreground, and rows of houses on either side (Glynn Road and South Circular Road). Sun Laundry Van. Sun Laundry showing people working inside (now Rea’s Furnishings, Bank Road). Larne Lough – it is an area of special interest, a special protection area and a Ramsar site in order to protect the wetland environment. SS Clyde Valley – launched in July 1886. Was used in 1914 to transport arms from Hamburg to Larne. Roseate Tern – Larne Lough is the only breeding colony in Northern Ireland for the Roseate Tern, one of the UK’s rarest birds.

Glynn Road, Larne

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Attack of the Ulster Division

Ulster Volunteers in the 36th (Ulster) Division go over the top at the Battle Of The Somme, 1916 – a partial recreation of JP Beadle’s “Battle of the Somme: Attack of the Ulster Division”, which hangs in Belfast City Hall ( The base is a composite of orange lilies, thistles, and roses. Wellington Green, Larne.

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