Seymour Hill In WWII

The plaque reads “This mural was dedicated by Col. Robin Charley on 1st July 2009 to the people from this area who contributed to the to the effort during World War II. Also our American allies who were based here and later contributed to the conflict.” US forces were still segregated racially during WWII; “colored” soldiers (as they were then called) were housed in a camp at Ballybog Road (WW2NI). The portrait on the right is of William “Billy” Harbinson, a member of the Royal Ulster Rifles who was a POW at Colditz; the photograph can be seen in the RUR museum (WW2NI). The Charley family were formerly owners of Seymour House (Seymour Hill PS) which was used to house evacuees from Belfast after the blitz. Painted by Tim McCarthy (Verz) for the Re-Imaging Programme.

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The Great Wars & The Recent Conflict

“In remembrance of all those Ulstermen & women from the Greater Dunmurry area who died during the great wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. Also those men and women who died during the recent conflict. Lest we forget.” The “recent conflict” perhaps includes the Ulster Special Constabulary (the B Specials), formed in 1920 and replaced by the UDR in 1970 – as included in the plaque on the railings. Rowan Drive, Dunmurry. See previously: Their Loyalty Betrayed and the 2005 images of Freedom Corner.

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