Proactively Supporting Nationalist Ideology

Londonderry loyalists agree with “dissident” republicans (see e.g. Who’s Next?) that the PSNI and Sinn Féin are now aligned. The Fountain, Londonderry.


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Who’s Next?

“Scap. Donaldson. Who’s next???” In May 2003, the IRA’s head of Internal Security, Freddie Scappaticci, was named in the press as an British informer. His denials were accepted by the IRA and he remained in the North. For Denis Donaldson, see Dead Man Walking. These graffiti are at the top of Stanleys Walk, Derry.

M03447 M03446 M03445 [M03444]

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Unsung Heroes

These paste-ups are part of the Bloody Sunday 35th anniversary commemoration and Bluebell Arts project of Unsung Heroes. (See also Lecky Road Underpass.) First is Rosemary Nelson, the Lurgan solicitor killed by the Red Hand Defenders in 1999. Second is Paddy Doherty, killed on Bloody Sunday. (Both in Lone Moor Road.) Third (in Creggan Road) is Kate Nash, “In the midst of her own grief she kept everybody happy. Nominated by the Bloody Sunday Trust”. Kate’s brother William Nash was killed on Bloody Sunday and their father Alexander injured while trying to help him.

M03439 M03438 M03443 [M03442]

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Don’t Pay Water Charges

Derry civil rights campaigner and long-time activist Eamonn McCann stood for the Socialist Environmental Alliance in the 2007 Assembly elections (ARK). Water charges were due to be introduced in March, 2007 (BBC-NI). McCann secured 5% of the first preference vote and was not elected. From 2004: McCann’s The Man. Waterloo Street, Derry.

Eamonn McCann ran


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