Féile 06

The Derry (Gasyard Wall) Féile gets a web site for 2006 and promises “star power”. Lecky Road, Derry


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The Runner

‘The Runner’ is the final mural painted by the Bogside Artists in the series that would in 2007 be collectively given the name The People’s Gallery (the John Hume mural was added in 2008). The mural shows youths running from CS gas in Creggan. There are portraits of Manus Deery (see his Bogside plaques) and Charles Love in the bottom left; the plaque to Love in the centre is retained.

Fahan Street, Derry.

M02755 [M02756]

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Llibertat – Saoirse

The flag and map on the left is the flag of the Catalan Countries (the Starry Plough is in the middle, the Tricolour on the right, with Ireland as a blob). The Catalan Countries include (in Spain) Catalonia, parts of Valencia, and the Balearic islands, plus Andorra, and (in France) the Roussillon region. For a similar pairing (llibertat-saoirse) with portraits of international heroes, see Llibertat (also Llibertat Països Catalans).

Falls Road, Belfast.


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Lt Col Trevor King

Trevor “Kingso” King served time for his part in the Battle At Springmartin in 1972, in which seven people, including a British soldier, died. In 1994, having been shot by the INLA and paralysed from the neck down, King took the decision to remove his own life-support (WP).
The words on the left are from Suicide In The Trenches by WWI poet Siegfried Sassoon:
You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads pass by
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go

M02729 [M02730] M02731 [M02732]

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Killed By Weapon Systems

Two plaques in Guildhall Square, London-/Derry: “In memory of all those from and within the city and district who have lost their lives as a result of war and conflict.” “In memory of all those killed by weapon systems produced within the City & District.” The reference is to Derry-made Raytheon missiles, perhaps specifically for their part in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (orbops | indymedia).

M02700 M02701

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