Galbally Commemoration

“Remember the hunger strikers. Sunday August 16th. Assemble, Galbally Co Tyrone, 2:30 pm”. The rear of Free Derry Corner has its own Visual History page. For other boards encouraging attendance see Galbally Commemoration.


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End British Policing In Ireland

“End British policing in Ireland: intimidation, sectarianism, 28 day detention, corruption, child assaults, evidence tampering –” 32 County Sovereignty Movement board on Durrow Park, Derry.

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Bogside Bonfire

Bogside internment bonfire on Lecky Road, Derry, with Union Flags, Ulster Banners, Rangers flag, top and scarf, England top, OO flag, UFF flag, a cut-out PSNI landrover, and portrait of the CoI “Earl Bishop” Frederick Hervey which was stolen from outside St Columb’s (BBC-NI). “Free Colin Duffy”, “Rebels 3, Brits 0”.

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They Haven’t Gone Away You Know

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said of the IRA in 1995 “They haven’t gone away, you know” (youtube). The phrase is here used against him, with the British Army in place of the IRA: “Those who administer British rule are traitors – they haven’t gone away you know – Afghanistan, Iraq, Ireland.” 32CSM (32 County Sovereignty Movement) board at the top of Westland Row, Derry.

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Bobby Jackson Mural

A mural depicting William’s conquest of Ireland, including the Crossing Of The Boyne (on the left) and the Siege Of Derry (on the right), was originally painted by Bobby Jackson (Senior) in the 1940s. In 1993, the wall on which the mural was painted was decaying and threatened by redevelopment (and having already been moved once, in the 1970s) and so it was destroyed and replaced, with a plaque in its side reading “The Bobby Jackson Memorial”. A new, very similar, mural was painted (?by Jackson Sr and/or Jackson Jr?) on boards in 1995 and is placed on the wall during the marching season. The Fountain, Londonderry.

The Bobby Jackson mural has its own Visual History page.

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A Tribute To John Hume

“A Tribute to John Hume” by the Bogside Artists. Hume is in the company of other Nobel peace prize-winners: Martin Luther King, Jr (1964), Nelson Mandela (1993), (the Derry bridge,) and Mother Teresa (1979). Hume was awarded the prize jointly with David Trimble in 1988, and Mandela with F. W. de Clerk.
Rossville Street and the rear of Glenfada Park,

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