UFF Carrickfergus

These UFF hooded gunmen are standing outside Long Kesh/Maze prison. The upper flag on the right-hand side of this mural – purple saltire on a blue background with star and red hand – is the proposed flag of Ulster nationalists. Castlemara Drive, Carrickfergus.

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The Untold Story

“In August 1971 many Protestants fled their homes as the IRA launched a bitter sectarian attack on Protestant communities throughout Belfast. The loyal people of Liverpool held out the hand of friendship in our hour of need up to 2000 terrified women and children escaped from burning homes to live in the safety of Liverpool. That act of friendship by the people of Liverpool will never be forgotten. Liverpool – Belfast a bond never broken. No surrender ” With newspaper reports by the Belfast Telegraph and Liverpool Echo. Sponsored by the East Belfast Historical And Cultural Society. Canada Street, Belfast.

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Manchester Martyrs

A Manchester Martyrs mural is returned to Divis Street’s so-called “International Wall” after being replaced for a short time by Las Brigadas Internacionales. The new mural is somewhat similar to the original mural, with portraits of the “martyrs” – IRB members William Philip Allen, Michael Larkin, and Michael O’Brien – and a reproduction of a painting showing the IRB’s attack on the prison van which killed a guard (see the post on the original mural).

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Free The Derry Four

This “Derry Four” is Gary Donnelly, Michael Gallagher, Martin O’Neill and Paddy McDaid, arrested on charges of RIRA membership (Irish Times). The original “Derry Four” were arrested for the 1979 murder of Steven Kirby of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Sinn Féin were accused by Creggan residents over the removal of graffiti in support of the four (Derry Journal). The board underneath is ‘Free Seamus Doherty‘.


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St Colmcille

Three new murals are added to the walls of the Lecky Road underpass to brighten it up. Above, St Colmcille (St Columba) sails from Derry to Iona (Scotland), in order to start a monastery there; he founded a Derry monastery in 540. The smaller pieces show the emblem of (Glasgow) Celtic FC and a young mother in front of a (civil rights?) protest beside Free Derry Corner.

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