“I ndil chumhne – In proud and loving memory of Volunteers Dan McCann, Mairead Farrell, Sean Savage, Oglaigh na hEireann who were executed by British Crown forces in Gibraltar 6th March, 1988.” The three were killed in Gibraltar by the SAS in what was known as “Operation Flavius”. The European Court Of Human Rights found that the use of force was unlawful. (WP)

“Oh! Cold March winds that pierce the dark/You cry in aged tones/For souls of folk you’ve brought to God/But still you bear the moans./Oh! Weeping wind this lonely night/My mother’s heart is sore,/Oh! Lord of all breathe freedom’s breath/That she may weep no more. – Bobby Sands”. Hawthorn Street, Belfast.

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Fountain Bonfire

The Fountain bonfire for 2008 includes a Tricolour and Celtic flags, and a Sinn Féin electoral poster. There’s also a junior bonfire. See also: 2007’s bonfire.

For the mural in the background, see British Ulster Alliance.

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The Williamite Campaign

Scenes from the Siege Of Derry and Battle Of The Boyne in the Fountain, Londonderry: Captain Browning of the Mountjoy being shot as goods were unloaded from his ship, the beseiged lamenting over dead comrade, The battle of the Boyne, battle scene, Willian King Memorial Flute Band, Siege of Derry. The area was photographed previously in 20022006, and 2007.


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End Internment By Remand

Internment without trial was a highly controversial ‘Special Power’ enacted in 1971. This 2008 graffiti alleges that the practice still continues under the guise of indefinite remand. The practice was used against RIRA and CIRA members. See, for example, this 2008 RTÉ report and the later case of Luke O’Neill who was granted bail after (only) 17 months. Lecky Road, Derry.


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