Release Brendan Lillis

“Release Brendan Lillis – don’t let him die” on the walls of Derry and Free Derry Corner. Originally convicted in 1977 on explosives charges, Lillis’s license was revoked in 2009 on charges of plotting a kidnapping and bank heist (BBC). He would be released in August on compassionate grounds (BBC | BelTel).

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Our City, Our Culture

This new board is on the side of Cathedral Youth Club, in the Fountain in Londonderry. From bottom left, clockwise, it shows: St Columb’s cathedral, the old Gaol Tower, Hands Across The Divide (though holding a scroll with a bearded figure with “1690” on his forehead), the Guild Hall, the city crest (Vita, Veritas, Victoria), the peace bridge, the walled city of Derry, Roaring Meg (cannon).

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Stand As One

“Make a difference – Join RNU – Be committed – Stand as one – Implement 12th August Agreement! – End strip searches – End controlled movement.” Cogús is the POW department of the RNU, no longer on-line at The board is on the rear of Free Derry Corner, which has its own Visual History page.

Lecky Road, Derry.

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Fountain Bonfire

The Fountain bonfire on July 11th, ready for burning after nightfall, with a slew of CNR flags and banners, including Irish tricolours, as well as flags and electoral boards for Sinn Féin. At the bottom are two small boards and a wreath for the 30th anniversary of the second hunger strike.

Previous bonfires: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010

Hawkin Street, Londonderry

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Nationalist Gravestones

These are four headstones from City Cemetery, Derry, to Irish nationalists who served and/or were killed in the 1920s. In order, they are to “James McGlinchey was founder and commander of Irish National Volunteers in Derry c. 1912-1922”; “Óglach Hugh Morrison, killed on active service at Skeoge 17th June, 1922 [and] Susan Morrison, Cumann na mBan”; “John Gallagher died 21-6-1920 killed in June riots, Derry [and] Hugh Gallagher died 12-12-1922 shot by Free State soldiers at Drumboe Castle”; and, “Edward McMenamin active service during the Irish war for independence.”

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Free Marian Price

These are the first appearances of “free Marian Price” in the Peter Moloney collection of murals. Graffiti, posters, and murals calling for her release would become widespread over the next two years. As a member of the IRA, Price was jailed for the Old Bailey bombing in 1973, and her post-Agreement license was revoked in May, 2011, when she was charged, as a member of the Real IRA, in connection with the Massereene Barracks shooting of 2009 – she was sent to Maghaberry.

Nailor’s Row, Gartan Sq, two from Eastway, and two from Central Drive (Creggan), Derry.

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