Lurgan Workhouse

“Lurgan Workhouse 1841-1929. The workhouse was opened to serve the poor of Lurgan in 1841. In the mid-1840’s, during the famine, there were 403 inmates. This mural is dedicated to all the men, women and children who lived worked and died here during very harsh times. In 1929 it became Lurgan And Portadown District Hospital. Since 1972  it has been known as Lurgan Hospital.” The mural is across the street from the hospital. Russell Drive/Tandragee Road, Lurgan.

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The Lurgan Ambush

“Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann. Óglach Sean Burns, Óglach Gerva[i]se McKerr, Óglach Eugene Toman. “But they dared to hold their heads up high and never once did fail to declare their wish for freedom like true sons of the Gael” – The Lurgan Ambush (A poem by Ita Green)”. The IRA volunteers were three of the six people shot in Lurgan in three incidents in November and December of 1982: Seamus Grew, Roddy Carroll, Michael Tighe. The deaths of the six would be investigated by the Stalker Inquiry into the shoot-to-kill policy.


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As Though You Had Died

“‘It is as though you were absent and you hear me from far away and my voice does not reach you. It is as though you were absent, distant and full of sorrow, as though you had died.’ Eugene Toman, Gerva[i]se McKerr, Sean Burns 1982-2007”. The lines are from Pablo Neruda’s poem ‘I Like For You To Be Still‘. The trio of IRA volunteers were shot and killed on 11 November, 1982, by an undercover unit of the RUC in an alleged shoot-to-kill incident.

Taghnevan Drive, Lurgan


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Óglach Raymond McCreesh

IRA volunteer Raymond McCreesh, originally from Camlough, died on May 21st, 1981, after 61 days on hunger strike. “In proud and loving memory of ten brave Irish soldiers who died on hunger strike in 1981 for their five just demands. I gcuimhne ar iobairt [íobairt] cróga na stailceoirí ocrais 1981 ní dheánfar [dhéanfar] dearmad orthu.” Taghnevan Drive, Lurgan.

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