UVF Liverpool No 4 Battalion

A paramilitary mural in Monkstown (see J1042) is replaced by one of the statue to Sir Edward Carson at the entrance to Stormont. The names from the previous mural (John Webber/Webster and Lee Irwin) are retained and Steven Cook’s added, though this name was not on the original version of this mural (X05396).

Here is a memorial video to John Webster/Webber who died in 2000. Lee Irwin, who died from cancer at age 16, was the son of Liverpool UVF leader John Irwin (BelTel). Steven Cook is unknown except for a Young Carson’s Volunteers memorial parade in 2014.

The plaque reads “In memory of volunteers John Webster, Lee Irwin & Steven Cook. Lest we forget.” Tynan Drive, Monkstown.

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