Rathcoole UFF

South East Antrim UFF gunmen with balaclava watch over the Rathcoole estate.

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True Heroes

Four small boards from Ballyearl Drive in New Mossley, at the bonfire (see Welcome to New Mossley) and on fencing around an area to be re-landscaped. 36th (Ulster) Division, “Three Scottish soldiers murdered by scum 1971″ (John McCaig, Jospeh McCaig, Dougald McCaughey), and “New Mossley supports our troops.”

The UDR board would next year (2010) travel across the street, to the fencing around the bonfire area as a pitch and playground were built.

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Welcome To New Mossley

Scenes from Ballyearl Drive around the Twelfth. The new mural includes both the 36th and 16th Divisions. The UVF/YCV/RHC emblems on the upper border remain from the previous UVF murals.

Included from right are Lilian Bland Mayfly 1910, Pattersons [Spade Mill], Mossley Mill, Army Cadet Force, New Mossley Flames and 20th Old Boys (local soccer teams), “Septem in uno surgent’ [seven rise as one] is the motto of Newtownabbey, created in 1958 from “the seven ancient villages of Whitehouse, Whiteabbey, Jordanstown, Glengormley, Whitewell, Monkstown and Carnmoney” along with an additional 20 townlands (Belfast Forum).

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