The Union Jack

“The Union Jack – its construction and how to use it. ” The text describes the composition of the Union Flag from the St George’s Cross, St Andrew’s Saltire, and St Patrick’s Cross, and how to fly it properly: “In flying the flag, the broad white stripe of the cross of St Andrew should be next to the mast.” Also shown are Britannia astride the globe, a king and queen, a lion, naval boats and a sub, the flowers of the “home nations”, Titanic, and Belfast city hall with a H&W crane in the background. Blenheim Drive, Newtownards.

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West Winds UVF

“Dedicated to the memory of our lost volunteers who made the supreme sacrifice. Gone but not forgotten.” The inclusion of the PAF [Protestant Action Force] in this UVF/YCV mural in the Westwinds estate, Newtownards, makes it refer to the modern paramilitary force, but the flags on the right of the UVF emblem are WWI regimental flags, making it refer to the Ulster Volunteers. For a similar mix, see YCV-UVF-RHC. Anson Gardens, Newtownards.

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