The Patriot Keeps Marching On

“In proud and loving memory of Tyrone’s republican dead. “A Patriot: The glamour of the battle calls to boyhood/The martial music trills the youthful heart/And lads go out and give their all for freedom/content to know that they have done their part//But when the first proud wave of glory passes/And nought is left but duty stark and clear/When no pipes skirl and drums have ceased their beating/And the way to freedom stretches dark and drear//’Ttis then we know the Patriot from the Soldier/The Patriot keeps marching, marching on” – Henry O’Kane [?Colonel Henry O’Kane, interpreter for the French Army in 1798?] Suaimhneas dá n-anamacha ar dheis laimh Dé ins na flaithis. | Gó ndéana Muire, banríon na nGael, idirghuí ar a son. Erected by Tyrone National Graves Association.” Mullanmore Road, Carrickmore.

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West Tyrone

Three constituency offices – the SDLP’s Byrne had lost in 2003 and 2007, pushed out by Kieran Deeny who was campaigning to keep the Tyrone County Hospital open – and a Sinn Féin hoarding in Omagh. James Street (x2), Dublin Road, Dromore Road

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The Omagh Bomb

“15th August 1998. The Omagh Bomb. To honour and remembered 31 people murdered and hundreds injured from three nations, by a dissident republican terrorist car bomb.” The bomb was the work of the Real IRA and came three months after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. The plaque – “presented by the Omagh Support And Self Help Group to honour the European Day Of Remembrance For Victims Of Terrorism, 11th March 2005, and at our wish unveiled by Dr. W.W. Foster” – is in Spanish (as well as English and Irish) because two of the victims were Spanish holiday-makers. The memorials shown were temporary, being replaced in 2008 (for the tenth anniversary) by a reflecting pool, mirrors, and stone inscriptions, including the wording included here (BBC-NI). Drumragh Avenue, Omagh.

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Crowley – Carty – Loughran

“I ndíl chuimhne. In proud and loving memory of Óglach Dermot Crowley, Óglach Patrick Carty, Óglach Sean Loughran, Tyrone Brigade Óglaidh Na hÉireann who died on active service outside Omagh 25th June 1973. Fuair siad bás ar son shaoirse na hÉireann. ‘If you strike at, or imprison, or killus, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst’ – James Connolly.” The three died from a premature bomb explosion. For brief biographies, see An Phoblacht.

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