GPO Dublin 1916

Walter Paget’s Birth Of The Irish Republic is repainted: James Connolly lies injured on a stretcher, being tended to by Elizabeth O’Farrell (? WP), while Pearse, Clarke, and Plunkett (and Ceannt?) stand by. For Paget’s original, see the post on this mural at Extramural. Berwick Avenue/Paráid An Ardghleanna, Belfast.


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Bua Nó Bás

Three boards on the Falls Road, Belfast. The first pays homage to Óglaigh na hÉireann (IRA) by mixing ornate knotwork and Celtic imagery of a dolmen and warrior with sword with a volley of pistol and rifle; the second is a list of “local republican POWs”, almost identical to the list in Beechmount POWs (for a list of names see, 1995 Disband RUC); the third links the revolutionaries of 1916 with the armed struggle “1916-1997”.


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