Glengormley Arch

The Carnmoney District LOL 25 Orange arch over the Antrim Road, Glengormley, with King Bill, traditional Orange symbols, and a free-floating Northern Ireland Union Flag.

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The Williamite Campaign

Scenes from the Siege Of Derry and Battle Of The Boyne in the Fountain, Londonderry: Captain Browning of the Mountjoy being shot as goods were unloaded from his ship, the beseiged lamenting over a dead comrade, The battle of the Boyne, battle scene, Willian King Memorial Flute Band, Siege of Derry. The area was photographed previously in 20022006, and 2007.


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Breaking The Boom

An information plaque is added to the “Breaking the boom” mural  by Attitude Artwork in Roulston Avenue, Londonderry. This mural shows the Mountjoy in full sail. She was one of the ships which broke the timber boom across the Foyle to relieve the siege in 1689. This is one of a number of murals commemorating the 1689 siege in the Waterside and Fountain areas of the city. The mural was painted by local community artists Dee Logan, Mark Logan and Marty Edwards.” Seen previously in 2003.

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Londonderry History

This series of five panels is outside the Cathedral Youth Club in The Fountain, Londonderry. In order, they show: a cry of “No Surrender” by the Apprentice Boys, Breaking The Boom, Walker’s Monument (to George Walker, governor during the siege and killed at the Boyne; the statue was blown up on 19730, Roaring Meg (the 1642 cannon), and the Cathedral (St Columb’s).

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