15th Battalion (North Belfast) Royal Irish Rifles

Soldiers from the 15th Battalion (North Belfast) Royal Irish Rifles board ship for France in 1915. The five men featured in the apex are Sergeant Major Magookin, 2nd Lt De La Harpur, Rifleman Forrester, Rifleman Baird, and Rifleman Templeton.

Replaces Comradeship, Unity, Discipline in Inniscarn Drive, Rathcoole.

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The First Day

British soldiers from the 36th (Ulster) Division go over the top on the first day of the Battle Of The Somme, July 1st, 1916. The mural is a reproduction of a famous photo by Paul Popper.

Coronation Park, Dundonald.

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Charge From Thiepval Wood

The mural replaces one to the UVF’s Platoon 5 , A Co., and the memorial stone is dedicated to it (and not to the WWI soldiers from the 36th (Ulster) Division who died in the charge from Thiepval Wood, July 1st, 1916): “This stone is dedicated to the memory of the fallen volunteers of No. 5 platoon A company 1st Belfast battalion Ulster Volunteer Force. ‘As poppy petals gently fall/Remember us who gave our all/Not in the mud of foreign lands/Nor buried in the desert sands//In Ulster field and farm and town/Fermanagh’s lanes and Drumlin’d Down/We died that violent death should cease/And Ulstermen might live in peace’ Lest we forget.” For the side walls, see Thiepval St.

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Sir Edward Bingham

“Rear Admiral Edward Bingham VC OBE, son of Lord Clanmorris, was born in Bangor and served in the Royal Navy during the First World War. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in engaging the German fleet during the battle of Jutland. The Bingham family name adorns various settings in the town where he is remembered with pride. Read Admiral Bingham’s Victoria Cross was purchased by north down borough council and is on display at the North Down Museum.” Born 26th July 1881, died 24th Sept. 1939.

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Champions Of Ulster

This 2009 memorial garden in Owenroe Drive, Bangor caused controversy when built using Housing Executive funds as it was intended to commemorate only the dead of WWI. In addition, it contains headstones to members of the UDA (on which Cuchulainn is invoked as a “defender of Ulster”), RHC, and UVF (BelTel).

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For Valour

The bravery of two Carrickfergus natives, which won each of them the VC, is recounted on the side-wall to a larger 14th Royal Irish Rifles mural. Pte. James Crichton served with New Zealand infantry in France (in WWI) and Sgt. Daniel Cambridge served in Crimea.

The Larches, Carrickfergus.

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Ulster Tower

“The Ulster Tower is a memorial to the men of the 36th (Ulster) Division. It was officially opened on 19th November 1921 by Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson. The tower is located close to the Schweben Redoubt, a German stronghold at the edge of Thiepval Wood, France, which the Ulster Division attacked at 7.30 am on the 1st July 1916.” “This mural was dedicated to the men of the 36th (Ulster) Division on 31st July 2010 by the West Belfast Athletic And Cultural Society. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends’ – John 15:13”.

Conway Street (“Somme Street”), Belfast

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