Fathers And Sons Of The Shankill

“The area suffered immense loss of life during the Blitz of the Second World War. Having given so much in the fight for liberty during World Wars I and II, these digital artworks by Steven Tunley commemorate experience and history from enlistment in World War I to the Blitz and to the celebration of VE Day. The project was funded by the Re-Imaging Communities programme of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and delivered by Belfast City Council with the support of the Lower Shankill Community Association. This project would not have been possible without the support and participation of the local community.” Dover Place, Belfast.

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The Belfast Blitz

These five panels on the south side of the Donegall Road bridge commemorate the “Belfast Blitz”  – the four occasions in April and May of 1941 on which Belfast incendiary (“fire”) and high explosive (“HE”) bombs were dropped by Nazis airplanes, killing 900 people.

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