Londonderry UVF

UVF insignia with four flags: St Andrew’s Saltire, UVF flag, Union Flag, and Ulster Banner. Seen previously in 2007.


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We Determine The Guilty, We Decide The Punishment

Iron Maiden’s ‘Eddie The Head’, here in the guise of a British Redcoat, strides over a Londonderry both old (vintage soldier on the left) and new (Free Derry Corner and The Petrol Bomber on the right). The mural has been touched up: the turned-over corners have been painted out and the skyline lowered. For more see Eddie’s Visual History page.

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Pony Club Arch

This is the Orange arch next to the Pony Club in the Hammer (lower Shankill). The five boards, from left to right, show “Shankill Road Campsie Club”, the crown and bible with orange lilies, King Billy in 1690, the crown and cross of the “Royal Black Preceptory”, and the orange star between St Andrew’s Saltire and the Union Flag (see Ulster Scotland for a larger version). Ariel Street, Belfast.

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