While Ireland Holds These Graves

Headstones in (roughly) reverse order: the Gibraltar Three (1988); the 1981 Hunger Strikers; Terence O’Neill (July 1, 1980); Gaughan and Stagg (1970s); the Antrim cross; Caffney, Perry, Burns (1940s); Tom Williams; McKelvery and McCartney (1920s); volunteers  1867-1922 (including “Roger Casement, Ballymena”); the United Irishmen of 1798 and 1803.

Milltown Cemetery, Belfast

M01967 M01972 M01968 M01966 M01956 (dates back to at least 1988) M01970 M01971 M01969 M01964 M01957 M01963 M01959 M01960 M01958 M01960 M01961 M01962 M01965

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Freedom Grows

This is a 20′ x 20′ tarp of an 8′ x 8′ painting done by Mo Chara, shipped over from New York and placed on the side of the Falls library, Belfast. It honours the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers with a verse from a Bobby Sands poem and a border of celtic knotwork, the crests of the four provinces, and other revolutionary and civil rights heroes, include Gandhi, MLK, Gaughan & Stagg, Leonard Peltier/the AIM, Nelson Mandela, Mairéad Farrell, and Nora Connolly.

M03966 M03965

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Clonard Memorial Garden


Just out of shot to the left of the final image is a list of C Company, 2nd Battalion IRA dead, led by Sean Gaynor, who is also commemorated by the solo plaque – “murdered in his home at 236 Springfield Road by members of the RIC”. The right-hand plaque commemorates “civilians murdered by loyalists and British forces during the course of the conflict”. The other plaques are “in loving memory of the deceased republican prisoners from the greater Clonard area.” “I measc laochra na nGaedheal go raibh siad – go ndeana Dia trócaire ar a nanamacha”. Bombay Street, Belfast

M03952 M03953 M03951 M03948 M03947 M03946

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Leana An Dúin Unbowed Unbroken

The dying Cú Chulainn (as portrayed in bronze by Oliver Sheppard, in a statue installed in the GPO in 1935) is used as a symbol for the locals from Lenadoon area of west Belfast who fought for freedom (“saoirse”): Tony Henderson, John Finucane, Brendan O’Callaghan, Joe McDonnell, Laura Crawford, Mairéad Farrell, Patricia Black, Bridie O’Neill.


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Murdered By SAS Cowards

“David Devine, Michael Devine, Charles Breslin – murdered by SAS cowards.” The three IRA members, aged 16, 22, and 20, were shot by SAS soldiers while returning arms to a dump in a field outside Strabane on February 23rd, 1985. The incident prompted accusations of a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy, as there was no attempt at arrest.

Springhill Park, Strabane


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