Ógra Shinn Féin

The emblem of Ógra Shinn Féin (Sinn Féin Youth) is the Molotov cocktail with Easter lily as a fuse. Dove Gardens, Derry.


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Murdered By SAS Cowards

“David Devine, Michael Devine, Charles Breslin – murdered by SAS cowards.” The three IRA members, aged 16, 22, and 20, were shot by SAS soldiers while returning arms to a dump in a field outside Strabane on February 23rd, 1985. The incident prompted accusations of a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy, as there was no attempt at arrest.

Springhill Park, Strabane


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The Names, The Stories, The Tales, The Sacrifices

“When the story of the Belfast Brigade of the IRA is told, when the war is over, is ended, among that story the names, the stories, the tales, the sacrifices, the actions of the volunteers from the Greater Ballymurphy area will be written large.” “This monument was erected by the republican people of Greater Ballymurphy in proud and loving memory of all those volunteers from the area who their lives in the fight for Irish freedom.” “Unveiled by Gerry Adams 12th May 1985.” I”i ndíl cuimhne i gcónai ag na poblachtánaigh ón cheantar Barr Cluanai.” “Also in memory of the civilians who died at the hands of the British Army, RUC, UDR and loyalist extremists.” The plaque was featured previously but the surrounding mural, with phoenix and volunteers with lowered rifles, is new. Ballymurphy Road, Belfast.

M01653 M01654

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Pat ‘Beag’ McGeown

“Comrade, councillor, cara [friend].” Pat McGeown was a 1981 IRA hunger striker whose family intervened when he lapsed into a coma. After his release in 1985 he also worked for Sinn Féin and was elected to Belfast City Council in 1993. He died in 1996 of a heart attack. He is also remembered by a plaque on the Sinn Féin office on Falls Road. Ballymurphy Road, Belfast.


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Safe House

Four IRA volunteers “who gave their lives for Irish freedom”, John Stone, Jim McGrillen, Tommy Tolan, and Michael Kane, eat in the kitchen of a Ballymurphy house, perhaps belonging to one of the “republican activists Kathleen McCullough, Elizabeth McGovern.” The large image of Tolan would later be changed to show him in a brown suit and without the assault rifle.

Ballymurphy Crescent, Belfast

M01649 M01650 M01651

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Talk Of Us As Though We Were Beside You

IRA B Company volunteers Kevin Delaney, Patrick Campbell, Michael Clarke, Anne Parker, and Michael Sloan are shown on patrol in Ballymurphy Parade, the street just to the left of this mural. Campbell was 16 when killed by friendly fire; the oldest at time of death was Delaney, at 26. (Also named on the plaque are Esther Valelly, Theresa Campbell, and Maggie Campbell.) Glenalina Road, Belfast. “Grieve not nor speak of us with tears but laugh and talk of us as though we were beside you” “óglaigh na hÉireann, Belfast brigade, B. coy, 2nd batt”

M01644 [M01645 X00070]

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Out Of The Ashes of 1969

“In Ireland’s darkest hour her sons and daughters have always rallied to her cause” and “out of the ashes of 1969 arose the Provisionals”. Different generations of Irish rebellion are portrayed: there is a 1798/1803 pikeman in the background, an early IRA man on the left, and female and male volunteers from the Troubles in the foreground. Jasmine Corner/Gardenmore Road, Belfast.


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