Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” was a slogan used during the French Revolution of 1789. The Society Of United Irishmen was inspired by both the American and French revolutions. It was founded in 1791 and planned to rebel when French troops arrived. 15,000 attempted to land unsuccessfully in 1796 and only a thousand were involved in 1798. South Link, Belfast

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Kelly’s Bar

“This plaque marks the spot where Kellys Bar once stood and where on 13th May 1972 a no warning loyalist car bomb exploded. As a result 66 people were injured and three innocent members of staff of Kellys Bar lost their lives. They were Tomym McIlroy Died 13th May 1972; John Moran Died from his injuries 23rd May 1972; Gerard Clarke Died from his injuries 6th September 1989. Ar dheis de go raibh a namacha.” Punters were watching a World Cup match between England and West Germany when the bomb went off. McIlroy was not killed in the explosion but in the gunfire from Springmartin which followed. More died in the gun battles that followed over the next two days – see the Battle At Springmartin (WP),


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B Company 1st Battalion Belfast Brigade IRA


These images are of the IRA memorial stone in Bingnian Drive, Belfast, honouring members of the B Company, 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade and local Andersonstown residents. The stone bears an Easter lily, including a leaf of the plant.

“Togadh an leach chuimhneacháin seo i ndíl chuimhne na nÓglach de chuid complacht B an chéad chathlann Bríogáid Bhéal Feirste, Óglaigh ne hÉireann. Moltoir, comh maith, a gcuid comradaithe a sheas agust a throid lena diaobh. Bíodh cuimhneadh, fosta, ar na daoine ón cheantair a chinmharaiodh ag arm na Breataine agus a comhglacaithe.”

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To All Those From The Falls And Clonard Areas

“I ndíl chuimhne – this plaque is dedicated to the memory of all those from the Falls and Clonard areas who lost their lives as a result of the conflict in our country – A Mhuire banríon na nGael guigh orthu.” There was previously a Tom Williams board just to the left of the plaque. Clonard Street, Belfast


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Castilla Nacion

“Fuera fascistas de Castilla” (Out fascists of Castile!) The protester on the right is waving the flag of the Castilian Left, a political party working for recognition of the Castle region of Spain, roughly the north-central portion of the country, including Madrid (WP). Divis Street, Belfast. Signed and dated “Juventades Castellanas Revolucionarias – Septiembre 2003”.


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