The Patriot Keeps Marching On

“In proud and loving memory of Tyrone’s republican dead. “A Patriot: The glamour of the battle calls to boyhood/The martial music trills the youthful heart/And lads go out and give their all for freedom/content to know that they have done their part//But when the first proud wave of glory passes/And nought is left but duty stark and clear/When no pipes skirl and drums have ceased their beating/And the way to freedom stretches dark and drear//’Ttis then we know the Patriot from the Soldier/The Patriot keeps marching, marching on” – Henry O’Kane [?Colonel Henry O’Kane, interpreter for the French Army in 1798?] Suaimhneas dá n-anamacha ar dheis laimh Dé ins na flaithis. | Gó ndéana Muire, banríon na nGael, idirghuí ar a son. Erected by Tyrone National Graves Association.” Mullanmore Road, Carrickmore.

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Gibson – Kearney – McCracken

“In loving memory of Gerard Gibson, died 11-7-1972 [aged 16 years, OIRA], Michael Kearney, died 18-2-1987 [aged 21 years, IRA], Kevin McCracken, died 14-3-1988 [aged 31 years, IRA, shot in Norglen Crescent]. A thug a mbeatha de chrógacht ar son saoirse na hÉireann [who bravely gave their lives for Irish freedom] Always remembered by the neighbours and friends of Lower Norglen Parade.”


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The Hunger Strike Era

A lark (or perhaps a dove) bursts through the ceiling of a H-Block cell lined with the names of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers. “This mural is dedicated to all those who tragically died on the streets of Derry during the hunger strike era. Suimhneas Dé dá nanamacha. 3rd October 2006.”

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Andersonstown Remembers

Scenes from republican history portrayed on boards along the Andersonstown Road, for the 25th anniversary commemoration of the 1981 hunger strike: “The Great Escape” (the escape of republican prisoners from HMP Maze in 1983), “Death On The Rock” (the killing of three IRA members on Gibraltar in 1988), electoral posters for Bobby Sands MP, Kieran Doherty TD, Kevin Lynch (stood in Waterford), Joe McDonnell (stood in Sligo-Leitrim), Owen Carron MP, Martin McGuinness (1982 Assembly member, on ballot with Sinn Féin’s Cathal Crumley), Gerry Adams MP, and the negotiating table merging with the long road.

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