Féile 06

The Derry (Gasyard Wall) Féile gets a web site for 2006 and promises “star power”. Lecky Road, Derry


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Stailc Ocrais

IRA volunteer Michael Gaughan died in Parkhurst prison in 1974 after 64 days on hunger strike (stailc ocrais). He was force-fed seventeen times during the strike and his family alleged that he died from food stuck in a punctured lung. The practice was ended after Gaughan’s death.

Frank Stagg was on the Parkhurst hunger strike with Gaughan, and another in Long Lartin prison, and a third in Wakefield in December 1975. He died after 62 days on February 12th, 1976.

Gaughan’s coffin was draped with the Tricolour used to bury Terence McSwiney in 1920, whose famous quote is at the top of the board: “It is not those who can inflict the most but those who can endure the most who will achieve ultimate victory.”

Falls Road, Belfast.


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Ní Neart Go gCur Le Chéile

“There is no strength without unity”. “In proud and loving memory of the volunteer soldiers 2nd Battaltion Derry Brigade Óglaigh Na hÉireann who gave their lives for Ireland. Also dedicated to the memory of those republican activists who in their own way contributed to the struggle for freedom.” Linsfort Drive, Derry


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Lurgan Republican Gravestones

These plaques and headstones are from St Colman’s cemetery in Lurgan (on N. Circular Road). The most notable and the first and last: Thomas Harte and Paddy McGrath (a 1916 Rising participant) who were executed by De Valera in 1940 for the deaths of two (Irish) Special Branch officers who were among a party that stormed their house, though it was never established whose bullets had killed the pair (more at Treason Felony).

The car in which McKerr, Toman, and Burns were travelling was shot 109 times by a specially trained RUC squad (Headquarters Mobile Support Unit – HMSU), under the control of (UK) special branch in an apparent shoot-to-kill operation.

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