Stop The Sell-Off

The Andersonstown RUC barracks at the junction of the Glen and Falls roads was demolished in early 2005. Plans to develop the site with residential housing involving private company Carvill were opposed by locals, who launched the ‘Stop The Sell-Off’ campaign, aimed in particular at then-minister for Social Development (DSD) Margaret Ritchie of the SDLP. By October, Carvill had withdrawn their plans.

Brendan McNamee was shot by the PIRA after he defected to the INLA. Miriam Daly was shot by the UDA (or SAS). There is a plaque to the pair on the Andersonstown Road.

“Belfast IRSP. Brendan McNamee and Miriam Daly – murdered by British agents”; “DSD – Stop the spin”; “Public land for public use”; “Dear Santa, please get Minister [Margeret] Ritchie to give us back our land. Signed, West Belfast Residents”; “Justice for Harry [Holland] – No bail for his killers”; “Stop the sell-off campaign”; “Cuir deireadh leis an díoladh”.

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Labhair Cibé Gaeilge Atá Agat!!!

“Labhair cibé Gaeilge atá agat” (“speak whatever Irish you have”; “Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste” (“Broken Irish is better than clever English”; “Rally for Irish Language Act this Saturday June 9th @ Cultúrlann 1 pm”. Whiterock Road, Belfast. The mural in the background is No Plastic Bullets – see 1995 and 2004.

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Volunteers From The New Barnsley Area

The New Barnsley memorial garden is greatly expanded over the single plaque from 2005, to include a larger main plaque, a smaller one commemorating early resistance “Sheas siad le chéile” [They stood together], and wrought-iron gates with a phoenix and “Óglaigh na hÉireann”.

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Ernesto Che Guevara Lynch

“Che” Guevara’s father, also called Ernesto Guevara Lynch, was an Argentinian descended from Patrick Lynch, who emigrated from Galway (in 1742?) and married in Buenos Aries in 1749. (Based on these rodovid pages: one | two | three.) Che’s father is the source of the quote at the bottom of the mural: “In my son’s veins flowed the blood of Irish rebels.”
The Irish inscription, ‘Thocfadh an réabhlóideach a mharú ach ní an réabhlóid a scríosadh”, means “The revolutionary may die, but the revolution lives on.” Fahan Street, Derry. Launched October 13th, 2007 (An Phoblacht).

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Catalonia 300

“Catalonia & Ireland – Soirse • Llibertat”. Centralised Spanish rule dates back to the Nueva Planta decrees (WP) made by Philip V (shown upside-down in the first zero) between 1707 and 1716. These formed a single Spanish nation and citizenry and ended various regional identities including Catalonian. Fahan Street, Derry.


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Clonard Martyrs

“I gcuimhne na mairbh dílis” [“In memory of the faithful dead”] “Clonard martyrs C coy 2nd battalion Belfast Brigade Óglaigh na hÉireann roll of honour.” The right-hand plaque commemorates “civilians murdered by loyalists and British forces during the course of the conflict”. “I measc laochra na nGaedheal go raibh siad – go ndeana Dia trócaire ar a nanamacha”.

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The Graves Of Patriot Men And Women

From left to right, the three stones read “We remember all those who played a part in our struggle locally. No part was too great, and none was too small. ‘Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.’ Bobby Sands”, “In proud and loving memory of our dear friends and comrades Vol Sean Dolan, died Oct 1941; Vol Joe McGinley, died Aug 1943; Vol Jim O’Hagan, died 19th Aug 1971; Vol Kieran Fleming, died 2nd Dec 1984; Vol Danny Doherty, died 6th Dec 1984; Vol Gerard Logue, died 22nd Mar 1987. I measc laochra na nGael go raibh siad.”, “‘Life springs from death and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations’ Patrick Pearse.” This IRA memorial garden is between Rose and Mimosa courts, off Trench Road, Derry.

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