Free The POWs

Republican H-Block POWs divided into “sentenced’ (Lyttle, S. Campbell, Collins, McGarrigle, McKinney, McSorley, McEvoy, Doherty, McKeirnan, Thompson, Mary E. Campbell) and “remand” (Magee, Mahon, O’Hagan, Bradley, M. Campbell, Hughes, Stitt, Boyle, Lavery, McCart).

On the right, a manacled fist in front of strands of barbed wire, with “saoirse” and the male and female symbols in the green of the ‘green ribbon’ campaign. New Lodge Road, Belfast. Also rare: the mural is dated (1995).


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Sinn Féin Peace Action Monitor

Two larger boards on the second storey of the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road. On the left: “If you are harassed, intimidated or victimized by British Army or RUC, contact your local Sinn Féin”, “Demilitarise now!” On the right: the “Slán Abhaile” image with “Saoirse – Free the political prisoners”, and “Dea mhéin dár dtacaithe go leir óna cime cogaidh” with a list of “Clonard/lr Falls” POWs.

For the smaller boards on the first floor, see Unlock The Door To Peace.

Falls Road, Belfast

M01235 M01236

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Unlock The Door To Peace

Four boards and a plaque above the first floor of the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road: “Unlock the door to peace – free the POWs”, “Sinn Fein demand equality of treatment”, You have your part to play – help free the POWs” and “All party talks now – march and rally Dunville Pk Sun 2.15 Aug 13”. The plaque reads “i ndíl chuimhne – in proud and loving memory of Paddy Loughran, Pat McBride, Michael O’Dwyer – murdered by the RUC on 4th February 1992”.

M01231 M01232 M01233 M01234

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Free St James POWs

3 boards outside the IRSP offices on the Falls Road: “Saoirse” (freedom) – represented by a dove  (or perhaps a lark) carrying keys through barbed wire – for all republican prisoners. Tony O’Neill, Marty McCartney, Sean Adams, Cathil Fox, Paul Norney, Daniel Rooney, Rory Dougan, Sean Kelly, Pat Sheehan, James Morgan, Fra Hamilton, Bernard Fox, Kevin Cosgrove, Gerry McDonnell

M01204 M01202 M01203

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Fag Ár Sraideanna

Mural on Whiterock Road, Belfast, bidding “Slán Abhaile” to a British soldier standing on Whiterock Road (with Who Fears To Speak Of Easter Week? in the background). To the left and right, four demands from during the (first) ceasefire: “End collusion, Release POWs, Disband RIR RUC, End Unionist veto”. The second image shows “Free Catalonia” graffiti on the pavement wall.

M01191 M01190

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