Óglaigh Na hÉireann

Óglaigh na hÉireann/IRA boards on the corner of Crumlin Road and Brompton Park, in Ardoyne, Belfast.


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Wani Waci Yelo

“Wani waci yelo ate omakiyayo” is the opening line of a Lakota healing song (here is a version from Robbie Robertson‘s album Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy) meaning “I am praying because I want to live”. The supplicant in this case is Leonard Peltier, who was convicted of killing two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975 and sentenced to two life-sentences (WP). “Saoirse do Peltier” = “Freedom for Peltier”. “Sign up on line http://www.LeonardPeltierDefenseCommittee” Divis Street, Belfast

M01753 [M01754]

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Bietan Jarrai

“Bietan jarrai” is the slogan of ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna [Basque Country and Freedom]) and means “Keep on with both”, referring to the snake (politics) and the axe (armed struggle). “Borrokarako dei eginaz irrintzi bat dabil” means “the call to battle is a piercing one” from the song Batasuna. “Tiocfaidh ár lá” is Irish for “Our day will come”.

Divis Street, Belfast


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Who Is The Real Freedomfighters Now!


Here is a collection of six murals from Ballycolman, Strabane, all seen previously in 1989 and showing their age, and with some RIRA graffiti “Who is the real freedomfighters now! Real IRA” and “Strabane RUC station – 2001 RIRA”.

M01714 M01708 M01709 M01710 M01712 M01713

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