“PSNI out”, “CRF” (Catholic Reaction Force) “RIRA” and “BRY” (Bogside Republican Youth) graffiti in (the old) Dove Gardens, Derry. A Celtic player (Henrik Larsson?) completes the scene.


Copyright © 2002 Peter Moloney


We Support The Wyanes From Ardoyne

Holy Cross Catholic girls’ primary school, situated in loyalist Ardoyne, Belfast, was picketed by locals in late June, 2001 and throughout the autumn term, on the grounds that they and their homes were being attacked in the area. Images of young children (wee’uns or wains) being ushered through a police cordon while subjected to abuse made headlines around the world and prompted the two graffiti in this post,

St Columb’s Wells and Bligh’s Lane Derry

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Copyright © 2001 Peter Moloney