Free Roisín McAliskey NOW!

This is old graffiti in Springhill Park, Strabane, concerning Roisín McAliskey, who was arrested in 1996 on a German extradition request. In March 1998, British Home Secretary Jack Straw vetoed the extradition. Other protests at her case: 1997 Belfast | 1997 Derry | 1997 Derry


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No More Human Shields

The names of portraits of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers, plus Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan, are on six of the seven New Lodge “houses” (high-rise buildings), two per house. Other slogans have appeared just below them, such as the “No more human shields – Brits out” shown in the first image, below the portrait of Bobby Sands on Teach Eithne (perhaps a reference to the Army positions on top of Teach Mhéabha (Maeve House) and Teach Gráinne?). For more images, see this Extramural Activity post.

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