My Hope Lies In The Ultimate Victory Of My People

“I have hope, indeed. All must have hope and never lose heart. My hope lies in the ultimate victory of my people [for my poor people] – Bobby Sands, March 5th, 1981.” Robert Ballagh was commissioned by Sinn Féin to produce a piece for the 20th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike and came up with the ten doves escaping an H Block (see the Visual History of “Hawks” & Doves).

Mountpottinger Road, Belfast.


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Two of the three comms (“communications”, messages by H-Block prisoners on tobacco paper or toilet paper and smuggled from wing to wing or to the outside) reproduced in this mural describe the decision to undertake the hunger strike (written by Bobby Sands) and the reaction to his death (from Ardoyne man Bik McFarlane to “Brownie” – Gerry Adams). The three describes a beating received by Ardoyne resident and blanket man Brendan McClenaghan. Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast

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