Raymond McCreesh Road

Ballymurphy Road, Belfast, is unofficially renamed after the third 1981 hunger striker: “Raymond McCreesh Road/Bóthar Réamann Mhic Raois”.


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Freedom Grows

20th anniversary tarp on the side of the Falls Road Library, Belfast. Originally an 8 x 8 canvas, from which a 30 x 30 tarp was printed and hung in Harlem (see J0886) and this 20 x 20 version printed and brought to Belfast. For info on the faces in the corners, see the 2002 post.


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Vol. Kieran Doherty TD

Kieran Doherty was elected TD (Teachta Dála) for Cavan-Monaghan three weeks into his 1981 hunger strike. He held the position for two months, until he died on August 2nd. The portraits, plaques, and mural of marchers are in his home area of Andersonstown. The words “It is not those who inflict the most, but those that can endure who shall conquer in the end” is an echo of Terrance McSwiney, whose hunger strike in 1920 lasted 74 days, one more than Doherty’s.

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Slemish Way, Andersonstown, Belfast


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Freedom Grows

This is a 20′ x 20′ tarp of an 8′ x 8′ painting done by Mo Chara, shipped over from New York and placed on the side of the Falls library, Belfast. It honours the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers with a verse from a Bobby Sands poem and a border of celtic knotwork, the crests of the four provinces, and other revolutionary and civil rights heroes, include Gandhi, MLK, Gaughan & Stagg, Leonard Peltier/the AIM, Nelson Mandela, Mairéad Farrell, and Nora Connolly.

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