“Cuba – Ireland Venceremos” [We will overcome] For an unobstructed view of the left-hand-side, with Fidel Castro on a poster, see 1999’s Cuba.

Shiels Street, Belfast

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One World, One Struggle

Raytheon missiles dropped from a British Aerospace jet rain down on East Timorese citizens under the flag of FALiNTiL (Forças Armadas de Libertação Nacional de Timor Leste), the military wing of FReTiLIn (Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente). “During 25 years of Western Government sponsored Indonesian aggression at least 1/3 of the population of East Timor was systematically wiped out. This mural was created as an act of solidarity by FEIC (Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign) in collaboration with an East Timorese citizen and ETISC (East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign). The project was sponsored by the National Committee for Development Education in Dublin. The paint was donated by Citypaints. Gasyard Wall Feile 2000.” Market Street, Derry.

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Mural of international solidarity between Catalonia (llibertat), Ireland (saoirse), the Basque country, Palestine, and Mexico. Skulls from Kenya, India, Ireland, Cambodia hang on the left. Painted by Féile Artists along with Victor Ochoa (WP), featuring Steve Biko, Che, Maire Drumm, Mairéad Farrell, Miram Daly (whose son Donal worked on this mural), Nelson Mandela, Leila Khaled, and Leonard Peltier. The aboriginal flag is on the chimney breast and the pots are painted in the four colours of man.

Falls Road, Belfast


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Ireland – Catalonia

“Not Spain, not France. Free Catalonia. Since 1714 the Catalan nation is military occupied for the Spansh and French states. Catalonia has their own culture, language, and history. Our country have more than 1000 years of history as a nation. The Catalan flag is the first European flag. Our fight flag is the “Estalada”. The white star means the freedom, and the blue triangle stands for the sky of humanity. Free Catalonia! United Ireland! El nostre dia arribarà! Tiócfaidh [sic] ár lá. 11/8/97″ Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.


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Timeless Time

“Until we give back to the black man just a bit of the land that was his and give it back without provisos, without strings to snatch it back, without anything but complete generosity of spirit in concession for the evil we have done to him – until we do that, we shall remain what we have always been so far: a people without integrity, not a nation, but a community of thieves.” The words of [Australian writer] Xavier Herbert, 1978, over an aboriginal flag in which black represents the people, yellow the sun, and red, the earth. An unknown (please get in touch) piece of aboriginal art forms the main panel. Here is a timeline of the fight for indigenous rights in Australia. Ludlow Square, Belfast


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