It’s Black And White!

The Holy Cross dispute of 2001 (WP) is compared to desegregation in the southern United States in the wake of Brown v. Board Of Education in 1957 (WP). The left panel is a rendition of an iconic image of Hazel Bryan hectoring Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock Nine (WP), in Little Rock, Arkansas. The orange sweaters of the central children echo that of the child in the red coat in the (almost entirely black-and-white) Steven Spielberg movie Schindler’s List. “Everyone has the right to live free from sectarian harassment.” Estoril Park, Belfast.


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Stop Aggression Against Palestinian People

“Palestine Ireland Solidarity”. Ariel Sharon is described as a “Terrorist – indicted for war crimes” while Yasser Arafat is a “Peacemaker – a life devoted to conflict resolution”. A dove of peace is bleeding from Star of David bullets. On top of Disband The RUC in Cromac Street, Belfast.


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Wani Waci Yelo

“Wani waci yelo ate omakiyayo” is the opening line of a Lakota healing song (here is a version from Robbie Robertson‘s album Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy) meaning “I am praying because I want to live”. The supplicant in this case is Leonard Peltier, who was convicted of killing two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975 and sentenced to two life-sentences (WP). “Saoirse do Peltier” = “Freedom for Peltier”. “Sign up on line http://www.LeonardPeltierDefenseCommittee” Divis Street, Belfast

M01753 [M01754]

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Bietan Jarrai

“Bietan jarrai” is the slogan of ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna [Basque Country and Freedom]) and means “Keep on with both”, referring to the snake (politics) and the axe (armed struggle). “Borrokarako dei eginaz irrintzi bat dabil” means “the call to battle is a piercing one” from the song Batasuna. “Tiocfaidh ár lá” is Irish for “Our day will come”.

Divis Street, Belfast


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One World, One Struggle

Raytheon missiles dropped from a British Aerospace jet rain down on East Timorese citizens under the flag of FALiNTiL (Forças Armadas de Libertação Nacional de Timor Leste), the military wing of FReTiLIn (Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente). “During 25 years of Western Government sponsored Indonesian aggression at least 1/3 of the population of East Timor was systematically wiped out. This mural was created as an act of solidarity by FEIC (Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign) in collaboration with an East Timorese citizen and ETISC (East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign). The project was sponsored by the National Committee for Development Education in Dublin. The paint was donated by Citypaints. Gasyard Wall Feile 2000.” Market Street, Derry.

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