Catalonia 300

“Catalonia & Ireland – Soirse • Llibertat”. Centralised Spanish rule dates back to the Nueva Planta decrees (WP) made by Philip V (shown upside-down in the first zero) between 1707 and 1716. These formed a single Spanish nation and citizenry and ended various regional identities including Catalonian. Fahan Street, Derry.


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The information board for this reproduction of Guernica is in Basque, Irish, and (lastly) English: “This mural of Picasso masterpiece Guernica was created by Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine, muralists from the two main communities in Belfast, in August 2007. Picasso painted Guernica over a period of three weeks in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War to protest the Nazi bombing of the Basque capital of Gernika (at the request of Franco’s forces) on April 26 that year which resulted in hundreds of deaths. Gernika was viewed as (and remains today) the town symbolising the Basque desire for freedom. Viewed as one of the 20th century’s greatest anti-war works of art. This work was sponsored by and the newspaper publishers in Ireland and the Basque Country Belfast Media Group and Berria. 12 Lúnasa 2007.”

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Direct Rule

“Direct rule! Can you afford it? Rates increases; lost investment; water charges; education cuts; job losses; health cuts; economic collapse; racism; sectarianism; unfair planning laws; more rural decline. Speak up! There is an alternative. Restore the institutions; implement the Good Friday Agreement. All your futures. Find your voice.” Sinn Féin board above the Falls Road office.


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Unbroken Continuity

Liam Mellows was commander of the Western Division of the Irish Volunteers during the Rising and anti-Treaty Sinn Féin TD executed by firing squad in December 1922. Sinn Féin was founded in 1905 (see previously one | two) but this is an anti-Agreement board.

Next to the Mellows board is South Down PIRA graffiti (seen previously in 2001) and the flags of Palestine and Lebanon. All three images are from the junction of Carnagat Road and Camlough Road in Newry.

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100 Years Of Revolution

A Sinn Féin centenary (1905-2005) mural is added to the Eire Nua Flute Band board (seen in 2004). Above them is a Sinn Féin board with Mao’s statement that “If there is to be a revolution, there must be a revolutionary party.” Both the flute band and Sinn Féin have internet addresses. Whiterock Road, Belfast.

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