Unbroken Continuity

Liam Mellows was commander of the Western Division of the Irish Volunteers during the Rising and anti-Treaty Sinn Féin TD executed by firing squad in December 1922. Sinn Féin was founded in 1905 (see previously one | two) but this is an anti-Agreement board.

Next to the Mellows board is South Down PIRA graffiti (seen previously in 2001) and the flags of Palestine and Lebanon. All three images are from the junction of Carnagat Road and Camlough Road in Newry.

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100 Years Of Revolution

A Sinn Féin centenary (1905-2005) mural is added to the Eire Nua Flute Band board (seen in 2004). Above them is a Sinn Féin board with Mao’s statement that “If there is to be a revolution, there must be a revolutionary party.” Both the flute band and Sinn Féin have internet addresses. Whiterock Road, Belfast.

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Suicide Strategy

A ‘suicide strategy’ for “N of Ireland” languishes in the dustbin of 10 Downing Street, unlike strategies for Scotland, England, and Wales. The mural is produced by “Beechmount Community Youth Project”. To the right are messages to the recently deceased: “In one 2 week period 13 young men in north Belfast took their own lives”, “In one three month period 15 suicides in west Belfast occurred”. Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.

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Wani Waci Yelo

“Wani waci yelo ate omakiyayo” is the opening line of a Lakota healing song (here is a version from Robbie Robertson‘s album Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy) meaning “I am praying because I want to live”. The supplicant in this case is Leonard Peltier, who was convicted of killing two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975 and sentenced to two life-sentences (WP). “Saoirse do Peltier” = “Freedom for Peltier”. “Sign up on line http://www.LeonardPeltierDefenseCommittee” Divis Street, Belfast

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