Free Ireland

Bouquets of tricoloured flowers are placed on the Free Ireland mural at the corner of Beechmount Avenue and Falls Road, Belfast. A hand clasping an Easter lily is manacled by bonds “Made in Britain”. The mural is now in its fifteenth year. For the plaque, see the original 1990 post.


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B Company 1st Battalion Belfast Brigade IRA


These images are of the IRA memorial stone in Bingnian Drive, Belfast, honouring members of the B Company, 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade and local Andersonstown residents. The stone bears an Easter lily, including a leaf of the plant.

“Togadh an leach chuimhneacháin seo i ndíl chuimhne na nÓglach de chuid complacht B an chéad chathlann Bríogáid Bhéal Feirste, Óglaigh ne hÉireann. Moltoir, comh maith, a gcuid comradaithe a sheas agust a throid lena diaobh. Bíodh cuimhneadh, fosta, ar na daoine ón cheantair a chinmharaiodh ag arm na Breataine agus a comhglacaithe.”

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The Petrol Bomber

The Petrol Bomber was the first mural painted by the Bogside Artists (Kevin Hasson, Tom Kelly, and the recently deceased William Kelly). It shows 13 year-old Paddy Coyle (Derry Journal) with a Molotov cocktail and wearing a gas mask (used to protect rioters against CS gas). The Rossville flats are in the background of the mural (though not of Clive Limpkin’s original photo, included below from this gallery of Limpkin’s images of Derry 1969-1972). Lecky Road, Derry

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