The Petrol Bomber

The Petrol Bomber was the first mural painted by the Bogside Artists (Kevin Hasson, Tom Kelly, and the recently deceased William Kelly). It shows 13 year-old Paddy Coyle (Derry Journal) with a Molotov cocktail and wearing a gas mask (used to protect rioters against CS gas). The Rossville flats are in the background of the mural (though not of Clive Limpkin’s original photo, included below from this gallery of Limpkin’s images of Derry 1969-1972). Lecky Road, Derry

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Free Ireland




1991 image of the Free Ireland mural on Beechmount Avenue (RPG Avenue), Belfast, with two shots of the side wall. At the top, a stencilled board reads “Release Mark Prior, Liam Coogan, Jim McCabe, Kev Mulholland – these boys are innocent.” (The “Beechmount Five”. See Greenleft News) At the bottom, Pearse’s famous lines “The fools, the fools, they have left us our Fenian dead and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.”

For a close-up of the IRA plaque, see 1990’s Free Ireland.

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Valuing Freedom More Than Life



Anyone know these artists? A mural in progress in Drumleck Gardens, Derry. Bobby Sands’s use of the lark as the “spirit of freedom” is combined with a James Connolly quote: “There is no power on Earth [or: There is no outside force] capable of enforcing slavery on a people really resolved to be free, [and] valuing freedom more than life.”

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