The Five Demands, 2006

A very different ‘Five Demands’ from Sinn Féin on the 25th anniversary of the hunger strike: “1. The Irish Government should produce a Green Paper on Irish Unity. 2. The work of the All Ireland Ministerial Council should be expanded and additional All Ireland Implementation Bodies created. Westminster MP’s elected in the 6 Counties should be accorded speaking rights in the Dail [sic]. 3. Voting rights for Presidential elections should be extended to citizens in the six counties. 5 The Irish Government should actively engage with the British Government and Unionism to promote and seek support for re-unification.”

The original ‘Five Demands’ are given as “1. The right to wear our own clothes. 2 The right to refrain from prison work. 3. The right to free association with fellow prisoners. 4. The right to organise recreation and leisure activity – with one letter, parcel and visit allowed per week. 5. To have remission lost, as a result of the blanket protest, restored.” For versions of the five demands from the period, see one | two | three.

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Sinn Féin Offices

Four Sinn Féin offices (or co-opted buildings as in the first image), in Crossmaglen, Armagh, Coalisland (including an IRA Tyrone Brigade plaque), and Derry.

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Cláraigh Le Sinn Féin

These two “Join Sinn Féin” boards are above the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road, Belfast. “Don’t wish for a united Ireland, work for it.”The second, with portraits of Pearse, Carney, and Sands, is an example of the Irish-language rights campaign which becomes a central policy around this time: Is í athgabháil na Gaeilge athgabháil na hÉireann [the rehabilitation of Irish is the rehabilitation of Ireland]. (See previously Cearta Teanga, Cearta Daonna.)


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B Company 1st Battalion Belfast Brigade IRA


These images are of the IRA memorial stone in Bingnian Drive, Belfast, honouring members of the B Company, 1st Battalion, Belfast Brigade and local Andersonstown residents. The stone bears an Easter lily, including a leaf of the plant.

“Togadh an leach chuimhneacháin seo i ndíl chuimhne na nÓglach de chuid complacht B an chéad chathlann Bríogáid Bhéal Feirste, Óglaigh ne hÉireann. Moltoir, comh maith, a gcuid comradaithe a sheas agust a throid lena diaobh. Bíodh cuimhneadh, fosta, ar na daoine ón cheantair a chinmharaiodh ag arm na Breataine agus a comhglacaithe.”

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